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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Back in 2008, I was looking for a change of Career. As I looked and looked, I came across an advertisement that included the description “IT Paid Training”. This caught my eye since I was looking to have a Career in Computers. I submitted my Resume and got a call from someone by the name of Jim Pratt. Jim was very persuasive, very agressive and a bit rude. I overlooked his personal traits since I was looking to get into a new Career! I was ready and excited that I was contacted and I set up an “interview” with Jim. Thinking I was going in for a job, I visited New Horizons (at the time in Morrisville) only to find out it was a school. Even though I was disappointed that it turned out to be something completely different from what was advertised and discussd with me, I figured I would overlook that and give it a try anyway. I took several classes. I stopped classes in 2009 simply because I was taking so many classes, but I have not gotten a Certification yet. And I knew being the type of person that I am, I would easily forget what I learned and the classes were going so fast! So I decided to stop taking classes and work on getting my first Certification which was the A+ Certification. I studied and studied. Finally April of 2010 I got my A+ Certification (which has done my absolutely no good). I have applied for several jobs that say the A+ Cert is a requirement or a plus and – nothing. After that I began studying for my Network+ Cert. I studied and studied very hard for this. I did not pass it the first time, or the second time. I studied more. I thought it was strange that I was doing good on the practice exams – getting 100%, but when it came to the real exam, I did not see anything familiar! I figured I would try one more time for the Network+ Certification and if I did not pass, I would just forget it and get an IT job without it anyway! Once again I read and studied and passed the practice exams several times. When I went to take the Network+ Exam for the third time, I did not pass again. I was extremely disppointed. At this point I was angry and felt like I had been tricked. I was discouraged. I knew that there was something wrong going on with the exam, but I asked myself what would be done about it if I said anything? Probably nothing. It just did not make since that I was passing the practice exams with 100% and was not even getting 70% on the real exam. Before I knew it, it was 2011 and the only Certification I had was A+ (which still had not done me any good). I had not worked full-time since 2008, so I could not afford the Sallie Mae payments. It wasn’t long before I knew that I made a pact with the devil. And now a loan that (was supposed to be paid training) was 20K is currently listed as 45K! We (me or my co-signer) cannot pay this (fraudulent) debt! (To anyone who is considering being a student at any New Horizons, it is probably best to just walk away while you can.) It would be awesome to get justice for this situation. Thank you. .

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