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New Life Foundation SCAM - beware of Mark Lance Moody - YUCATAN real estate

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Published: 10 August 2017

Posted by: Charles D. Ruggles

Mark Lance Moody is the criminal lowlife who uses a Mexico registered dummy company for the sole purpose of conducting real estate scams in Yucatan.
This fckr is targeting expats, people searching to invest their hard earned savings and young families. He posts on his website (now offline apparently) about glorious opportunities in Yucatan real estate. Promises this lowlife is making are out of this world. For $40,000 and up you can purchase a beautiful piece of land there, no muss no fuss, HE offers to build a dream house for you and your family, designed as you desire, and ALL of that for a fraction one would pay here in the USA.

If it sounds now as too good to be true, it is because IT IS…but this piece of shit advertises AND writes reviews on his own forum, so, if you check him out, you can’t possibly find anything to turn the alarm on. And his group is well versed to drain you of all of your money as quickly as they can. As I found out later, this fraudster uses several aliases online and in business too. Also, he works with a woman he claims to be his wife. In some emails and several ˝legal˝ documents, there is a name R.J.Sansores.

Beware of the following names in the Yucatan real estate market:


Internet address he uses –

These people are all part of the same criminal organization conducting property scams in Yucatan, Mexico. Criminal enterprise is made of Mark Lance Moody, his wife Gabriela Prianti and his ˝legal advisor˝ Ricardo Jose Sansores.

They set up their operation in the Yucatan, Mexico, as far as I know in 2009, and started taking advantage of the fact that so many property owners left Yucatan due to loans default. That created a sweet opportunity to set up fake property deals. This criminal band uses information of former owners to get clients to commit to FAKE agreements.

So basically, this scum bag is collecting deposits in the name of New Life Foundation, instead of the name of the seller. This is NOT legal even in Mexico. The deposit should be in the name of the seller, NOT his gang. And the funds should NOT be cashed out until the transfer date.

If they were a genuine business, they would be collecting a deposit from BOTH parties (buyer AND seller) which in return protects both of them. This way Mark Lance Moody collects deposits from only one party involved and does not return your deposit once it is determined the transaction will not close.

I have contacted some of their partners to show them the CLEAR evidence and suggested they revisit their partnership agreements with fraudulent New Life Foundation. I have also visited several online advert. websites to start the things in motion to have this organization banned from advertising on several real estate sites.

Furthermore, I’ve been speaking to Yucatan newspapers about making my story PUBLIC so others know how to protect themselves from these types of lowlifes . So, as long as they have my money I will invest my time in warning people in any way, shape or form – about New Life Foundation and their criminal activities in Yucatan.

And be sure to check the information at the Yucatan Lands Department. Just because New Life Foundation scum have the ability to walk into an empty property, in reality, it DOES NOT mean they are representing a REAL transaction. They use details from sellers who left during the real estate crisis. By the time you find out they have cheated you out of your money , the deposit is cashed by Mark Lance Moody or his criminal accomplices.

Take this WARNING from someone who fell victim to these SCAM ARTISTS!!!

Police reports have been filed on each and every one of them (the names above) and criminal charges are warranted.

Help keep Yucatan (and any HONEST real estate market) free from CHEATING PARASITES like these that come here and exploit the market for their own personal financial gain.

If you, or someone you know, have been contacted by any of the listed names and have been asked for money, in the form of cash or any way of transaction, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL POLICE!!!

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