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Published: 24 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am a retired multi state police officer from the east. I was also Certified by the Fed. DOT to teach radar to officers. I hold high requirements for an officer to pass. I also have high ethics. Since moving to New Mexico, I have never seen coruption of the legal system. One man I appeared an expert witness for was cited for speeding with Ladar, the officer swore she was Ladar Certified. I pulled her records and she had never had any training outside of basic law enforcement. Cops openly lie in court here and get away with it. The Magistrate Judges have no required legal experiance. One Magistrate Judge was so drunk he could not make it to his seat. A formal complaint was made and was tossed by the committiee. I was stopped for speeding on Federal lands out of the State Poice Jurisdiction. The officer could not id my car on the ticket admittedly. He said I was 1 of 3 but on his dash cam I was 3of 3. The color was wrong of the car. He did not activate his radar, and he was also on a hard bend where I was not in range. He could not show the court the exact radar unit he used, his Certifications were 5 years beyond allowable date. The Magistrate said I proved my case but she found me guilty for having a radar detector. New Mexico has no law against radar detectors, nor was I cited for having one. This officer according his dash cam was exceeding the speed limit by more than 10mph over the speed limit before seeing the 3 cars. Just listing the officer speeding his motor sounds after seeing 62mph in a 55mph zone. I appealed but the Clerks office held my Appeal Demand so that it was out of time limit, my District Court Appeal was denied. Stay away from New Mexico, it is Corrupt, and there is no justice for the citizen. Arizona and Texas is just as bad. There is no law here, it is the wild west. They are also trigger happy and have big history shooting people unthreatened. Go elsewhere, or you migh realy wish you had not come here. Citizens are aware but appathethic, most citizens who have been else where hate it here. Where is the department of Justice?????????????? This is Extortion. .

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