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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I hired New Planet Movers to move my belongings from Indiana to Florida. I was given a quote and told that I would be called 24 hours before the company would arrive. Once I was contacted and told a time for the following day i made arrangements to meet the movers at my home. I waited for a very long time. They were supposed to arrive between 3pm-5pm, however they did not arrive until 11:45 pm that night. Before leaving my home they gave me a receipt that stated my belongings would arrive in Florida in 3-5 business days. After two full weeks of waiting and not receiving a call from the moving company to provide an explanation for such a delay, I called them. I was informed by a lady named Summer that the truck that my belongings were on had broken down and my things had to be put on another truck and then delivered to my new home in Florida. She stated that I should only have to wait an additional 3 days. After one more full week of waiting I called once more, this time Summer redirected me to a man that did not speak very good English and when I told him that my things were supposed to be delivered over three weeks ago he said, and I quote “lady, I don’t give a f*** about your things, they will be there when they get there”!!!!! I was stunned and at that moment I knew that my things were not safe. I started doing my own research online regarding this company and upon further inspection I was quite surpised to find that the truck breaking down was a very common response to people that had so far a similar experience as mine. What I then found was that once their items were arriving they were either completely broken or missing all together. Well, after waiting another four weeks, the truck arrived at my home. I had prepared myself for what I would find because of what I had prevously read about the company during my time of waiting. Sure enough, almost every single thing that was unloaded from the truck was smashed! I had a john deer riding lawn mower that had a dent on the hood and the front wheel base was broken as if something very heavy had been dropped on it. I had a chest freezer that was so badly dented on the lid that it would no longer close. As the men were unloading these broken things they said nothing. they offered no apology. They told me that I needed to sign the paper stating that I had received everything so that they can leave. I asked where the other half of my things were. A kitchen table, lawn and garden equipment, end tables, kitchen appliances. We weren’t talking about small missing objects, they were large. They said they had no idea what I was talking about because they were just contracted out from New Planet movers to deliver my stuff since the original truck broke down. i was heart broken. So many of my personal belongings were just gone. My children were missing many of their toys and even some clothes. I tried to call the company and was only put in contact once again with the man that only used foul language. I ended up having to pay my home owners deductable and file a claim that way just to have my things replaced. This was the most expensive and horrible experience that I have ever had when dealing with a business. They should absolutely not be allowed to have a business license. It was purely sickening and in the end even felt dangerous becuase the men delivering my things were crude and intimidating. I also filed a police report for stolen property because on the list they provide documenting what was moved it clearly showed the items that I was missing. Stay far away from this horrible excuse for a company. i truly believe that my things were intentionally stolen by them after reading other reviewers experiences and similar stories of the broken down truck. .

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