New Sun Energies

Has the worst customer service possible and poor workmanship

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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: oliver

My friend was badly affected by the poor workmanship and customer service of this company called New Sun Energies. They called up my friend and offered a declined CC to have on file. They also walked away with $2000. However, they are not answering any calls now or even voicemails. Companies which are so fraudulent should not be allowed to go on cheating customers or even register themselves in the first place. There is bad workmanship which is really hurtful and it really hit my friend’s morale. People, please do not go to this company for any kind of services. They will just neglect you and you will then have to buy services from third party electricians to fix things. There are better solar companies out there once you do your research.

In fact, Maverick Contracting is the owner of New Sun Energies and this was earlier Epcon Solar that was operated by Pablo Curiel. The name was changed to Maverick Contracting, as revealed by several other affected customers in a bid to escape from the horrible track record and reputation of the past. Did you know that Pablo Curiel had to pay a fine of $40, 000 as directed by the Attorney General’s Office for a case of call centre fraud and for making false claims about the benefits provided by their rooftop solar products. The same thing is being done with New Sun Energies as well as several affected people have pointed out. The call centre is now telling everyone that 100% federally funded solar products are being offered by them which is an UTTER LIE! Just 30% is covered by the federal tax credit. Stay away from these corrupt people. There are other persons who have stated how the company cheated them by going back on its word of a $400 dollar draw every week for sales reps.

These guys only train their sales reps to convince customers that no money is required out of pocket for shifting to solar power which is another LIE. They are also training these people to tell homeowners that rooftop solar systems will increase home values by almost twice the value of the solar technology which is another HUGE LIE as I shockingly discovered through my friend. All in all, this is one company that CANNOT be trusted by all means. There’s a lot that is shady about them.

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