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Published: 27 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Hello everyone I worked for New Vestnik magazine aka El Mar Media and Publishing, Inc. as a sales person. In my short time I saw things that made me quit only after 5 weeks of working with them. I was told to tell clients that they print more then 20,000 copies a week have more then 600,000 readers and more distribution locations in NJ then I can count. All lies I seen the distribution list it only has 40 addresses on it and each place only gets about 35 magazines a week so how they came up with 20,000 I don’t know so you do the math on that one. Now lets talk about prices they quote people $285 per issue for a full page ad in a magazine that is one step above a coupon clipper when in reality they take a lot less, how much less you ask well how about they will bring it down to $100. One client comes to mind, he wanted a full page ad for 6 month’s (26 issues) I quoted him the price that I was provided by my boss in a form of a price sheet and it came out to $7410 and he almost had a stroke when he saw the number. From that point on he didn’t budge an inch so I called my boss as always so she could try to close the sale since I had no luck and about 20 min later the client hangs up on her and tells me to get out. I asked what is going on and he said that he is not falling for it, turns out she offered him the deal I quoted at $7410 (as instructed by my boss) for $2900, she took off $4510 just like that. I was in as much shock as the client and folks this was not the only time that happened. They will do and say anything to get your money. Like quote you $165 for a 1/2 page sized ad and bring it down to $80 and like every good sales pitch they will throw in a upgrade for free and will still bargain to get something out of you, they only care to get your money and they dont do any work. Oh and don’t get me started on the grammatical errors in the magazine it self it seems a 2 year old was spelling checking I mean how hard can it be when MS Word does it for you. In closing if you get a call from them just hand up and run away because otherwise you will be lied too to part with your hard earned money .

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