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Published: 16 March 2019

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I was looking at ads for foreclosed homes and received a call from a representative of New Western Acquistions. At first I thought it was a scam, but was invited to a legitimate office (not a sweat shop) to meet. I was given several properties to look at and the numbers all seemed great. They even have “realtors” that provide “comps.” The one property that had already sold proved to be a great deal and actually sold for more than what they predicted. The key is that was one property, probably the only one in many months that did this. Not the norm. The house they sold us had great “comps” also, but the “comps” were skewed and inaccurate causing a tremendous loss on our part. Ben Cowling sends out e mails to clients with “opportunities.” After this experience, it is very obvious that most, if not all of these, are skewed. They give you no option period and expect you to trust the “realtors” on staff. The realtors’ licenses should be pulled and the doors shut on their offices. If anyone from New Western Acquisitions calls you, hang up! .

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