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Published: 12 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Let me start by saying Joe Martin was recommended to me by my contractor. His service was great right up until I was expecting to actually receive what I paid for and ordered. On May 3 I ordered high end Kabinart cabinets from Joe. I paid him more than 50% for the deposit. $5100. He said it will take 5-6 weeks to be completed. in the meantime I asked Joe for measurements and drawings and specs of my order, because I paid over the phone. I received nothing. I needed it for my contractor mostly. nothing was ever sent. On June 10th Joe called me to make final payment. I asked if the cabinets were done he said yes they are on the way. For some reason I didn’t question this. He had been great to me for the most part. My renovation process had taken so long already that I was just fed up and not thinking. So I paid the balance. Big mistake!! A few weeks later, no cabinets, and Joe is not returning calls. Not to me or my contractor. On June 30th, Joe answered!! ‘they are set to arrive tomorrow’ he said. So my contractor had a uhaul ready for 2 days, but still nothing. On July 3rd I call Joe in a panic- letting him know that I have house guests coming to visit and I’m still living in a hotel until my house is done. No response. July 7th, Joe tells my contractor that my cabinets were on their way and the tractor trailer they were in was in an accident. My cabinets were destroyed. We now know he’s lying to us. My contractor called the dealer for Kabinart, the manufacturer, they tell him that my cabinets were ordered on May 13th but they never received any sort of payment so they didn’t make them. So Joe has $8300 of my money, but has given the manufacturer none. Hmmmmmmmm…. i confronted Joe, well left him a message because he’s a coward and won’t answer his phone. He sent me a text and said best way to get your money back is to dispute the charges. Whaaaaat?? Really??? Just like that? You refuse to give me money back?? I have the text, in fact posted it on his company’s yelp page. He can’t deny any of this! I’m sure he will try. so I have been in my hotel since April, due to house being destroyed from water damage. I should have been home mid June, but now looking at mid august because Joe stole my money and I have to wait to get it back to re-order cabinets. My sister and her family cancelled their vacation to visit me because my house is not done. He is a liar so so not trust him.

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