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Published: 07 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

New York State Child Support Center, all of their locations breading crime and theft. “The one great principle of English law is to make bussiness for itself”-Charles Dickens,Bleak House “Thieves for robbery have their authority When judges steal themselves” -Shakespeare, Measure for Measure “Follow the Money” -Corrupt officials From main office in Albany New York to and every other of their local offices from Brooklyn to Dutchess County where these maggots hold your life in ransom in order to extort money out of you. This has to be one of the biggest corrupted asinine outfit ran by crooks and criminals with badges murderers and child abusers these lowlife scum bags for a few dollars they would skin their own children as long as there’s money to be made to add to their weekly checks of bloodmoney. Official scumbags like the ones in New York State child support center they charge the highest interest that they pocket themselves, stealing of money sent to them on daily basis as any typical government ran agency is only there to steal & rob the people. These pathetic lowlifes instead of helping people in working out payments but instead they right away file liens judgments warrants for the money owed, don’t these idiots with brian’s size of cockroaches nut-sack realize once they file liens or judgments against people who cannot even file for a loan to pay off these parasites. It’s very typical of these parasitic slimeballs to ruin peoples lives steal our money rape and molest our children all in order for themselves to gain a fatter paycheck. Obviously they don’t realize people they have judgments against, that there is no way for those people to obtain loans in order to pay these legal criminals off. New York child support center is one of the worst corrupted entities that needs to burn to the ground with everyone working within their walls and grounds salted so not even a rat will be able to survive. Seems like that’s their way of conducting business robbing people and favoring allowing the real criminals and child abusers who are favored by them just like these lowlife imbeciles that work there. Instead of helping people to pay off these debts instead those parasitic rats only help and destroying lives of good parents and children. Executing every one of these SOBs could not come soon enough the gallows awaiting firing squads are waiting these criminals should not be allowed to work and profit and get paid by our hard working taxpayers, who are getting robbed by this corrupted government and their crooked officials every day. World War III could not come soon enough to end this corrupt disease ridden country full of criminals child abusers and bigots. Let’s not forget how America was built, it was built on greed corruption theft and murder of its own people. Judge as the first crooks to steal peoples freedom and money as every judge gets their bonus $$$ at end of every year from every dollar they collect/rob and call it child support. fact of law; “Title IV-D grants judges extra wages for each dollar extracted from the non-custodial parent in child support; thus judges have financial incentive to remove children from the primary breadwinner (often the father), regardless of his parental merits, to maximize their income.” This is a fact that the public has been deprived from knowing. The crooks like Westchester Family Court judges would NEVER admit to, especially the corrupt judges whos working with crooked lawyers family members to assist in robbing the people. favoring the real criminals and child abusers.

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