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Published: 31 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Today while I was driving my child to school my cell phone rang with an “”Unknown Number””. I normally do not answer these but I hit the speaker phone, a women with a thick Indian accent called my personal Cell Phone, Claiming that She was from the New York State Police Department and that she was calling to tell me that a Mr. David Cooper had filed a law suit against me and that I needed to contact him before I got arrested and went to jail. I live in New York…The number I was to call was from Maryland? She stressed That I needed to call this number and Speak with David Cooper to avoid being arrested going to jail. I pulled over to the side of the road to avoid my child hearing anymore. The poorly spoken English was more than enough to deal with but she would not tell me why there was a lawsuit, what charges were filed or in what Jurisdiction the charges were filed in. She procedded to give me this number 410 844 4871 to call and speak with David cooper about the law suit. I do not know anyone by the name in any way shape or form, so I had contacted an officer from New York City Police Department to Call and search for the Law suit and or charges against me. None were found. None in the system. he Called the number the man who answered this number spoke with a thick Indian accent as well and would give no information or even speak with the Detective about the nature of the call or anything. Do not know the nature of this call or even who it was from or what it was for. I have tried to call all day and it keeps going to voice mail. Guess the Real Police Department scared them. Its a scam! Everyone Beware. Always check with your local police if anyone ever calls you with such accusations. SO: Just called the number and got some man with an accent who said his name was David Cooper, I would not give him my last name so he would not answer any of my questions. But he does not know of any lawsuit with anyone who has my first name, I could hear the marketers in the background, its some sort of scam i am sure. I told him to have a nice day and blocked the number from my cell and home numbers. Just want everyone outthere to be aware! .

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