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Published: 20 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My case in the United States District Court Eastern New York,Cv-12-06262 on Appeal in the United States Appeals Court 2nd Department. Heres what they did, as I previously mentioned in my reports the judge Anthony Cannataro depriving me my child and holding trial without jurisdiction. I tried to to have him restrained by filing an article 78 proceeding against him. I arrive at the court house 9:00 am with my petition. So heres what they did, first they try to tell me I cant file it there, then after arguing with their prose clerks for a while they give me the forms.I fill them out and they send me to notarize it, when I return they tell me I have to do it over because its in blue ink. To make a long story short they ran me all over the building until closing and had to return again the next day. During all this, they even made re-type the petition, so I see this big court game their playing on me and I try to call the media, suddenly I cant access my internet service or make calls. The next day I return and they started the game all over again running me around the building. Next after the attorney General responds to the petition and I reply to their response, the court gives a date to return and the clerk says the judge is going to hear the case on the merrits on the upcoming date. The following date the Attorney General is a no show.They tried to send me home and told me to wait for something in the mail from them.Rather than leave I go to the judges court and speak to her lawyer which inturn went and spoke to the judge,they then tell me that if I want to stay the proceedings It cant be done by petition I have to file an Order to Show cause. So here I am out a couple hundred for filing the petition and now I pay for an order to show cause,I go and serve it on the attorney General when I return they had me sit in the hall for about an hour, to hand me a dismissal stating an Article 78 Proceeding can not be used to restrain a judge. This Judge is being sued for violating my Due Process Right,the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution. In the United States District court Of Newark NJ, I tried to file there my lawsuit. Rather than tell me I need to file it NY, they take the filing fee of 325 Dollars and fifteen minutes later return with a paper saying dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. My case on appeal as a low down trick the forced me to pay the filing fee twice 550 dollars. The first time , the district judge dismissed the judges being sued stating the federal Court lacks Jurisdiction pursuant to Domestic Relations Law. About Four days to the due date when my appeal is due, I get a letter saying the appeal is dismissed because it wasnt a final order. Huh, are you following this game? so now the beat me out of 550 dollars. Latly I want to close this report with the latest news to this conspiray Suddenly that my Social Securty case is before review in the district court the defendant Saint Joseph requires new blood work. In order to force me into giving them bloodwork they refused to refill the pain medications I have been taking for about eight months now. They did this on 7/31/2014. That evening I called their patient advocate Supervisor which stated to me they cant do that if they want to discontinue the pain meds they have to ease you off, advised me that she would straighten out the matter and would call me the next day. She never called and was unreachable the whole entire day, I left multiple messages and no call back from her. Additionally, this defendant is trying to force me to take presidone or Methotrexate. Meathotrexate is a known drug to cause death by destroying the liver, read the side affects. Now if Im already accusing you of being in a conspiracy to destroy my liver why are they trying to give me Methotrexate. The doctor which I asked not too see in the first place says to me “Dont worry we will monitor your liver while your taking it.” Ha Ha very funny! Notice I unerlined that last comment because while the FBI was wiretapping my internet service I was searching for other judges that were caught for editing transcripts and they wrote “judge gets caught for editing transcipts-Ha Ha very funny. Needless to say that the judge that framed me, and edited the transcripts still hasn’t handed over his decision on the jurisdiction matter and the case been over for sevral months now. That way they could continue depriving me my son. OPERATION MELT DOWN As I stated in my previous reports this a method used by the government to destroy a target. Its called Gang Stalking. A method to cause their target a mental collapse to cover up their wrong doing. Who are the victims, anybody can be. It is reported in chicago several days ago, a man walked in a office building shot a CEO in the head and stomach and took his own life. Speculation, was he a victim of gang stalking? Like I said, anybody could be. If it could happen to me, it could happen to you. Who are the casualties behind this method of demeaning an individual until they flip out and do something irrational, innocent people is my best guess. Should you be concerned, of course you should, you could be shopping one sunny day with your kids and some homicidal maniac decides to to walk in and shoot up the place, nobody knew why though, was he just plain old crazy or was he a victim of gang stalking? How many times havent we heard of something like this taking place? The reason why you dont hear about what triggered the individual to flip out is because it usually ends in death by suicide or death by the police.

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