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Don’t ever go to the Newark Smiles dental.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The wisdom teeth have always been a tough part to grow. For some people, they start growing in a very small age and for others, it takes time to grow. It was the same with me. My wisdom tooth took a long time to grow and it was very painful each time it tried to rip apart my gums and come out. At one point it stopped coming out and still my gums used to hurt because it didn’t come out properly. I was very annoyed by the pain. Therefore, I decided to get my tooth checked and fixed as soon as possible. After getting suggestions from one of my cousins I finally decided to go to the Newark Smiles dental so that my problems could get fixed without any difficulties. I made my appointment over a phone call for the coming Wednesday. My appointment was at 10 am and as soon as I reached the place I could feel the dullness of the place from a very far sight. What the place seemed from outside was not the same from inside. I had to go to the waiting room at first. I sat on a chair but it was creaking so much that I had to change my seat. There were only 4 seats in the whole room. I sat on another chair but I could feel a very pungent smell striking my nose, I turned my head to see where the smell was coming out when I saw a peel of banana cover under my seat. I requested the staff to clear it out because the smell was awful and it would soon cause me a headache. None of the members paid attention to it and went away. The waiting room seemed to be very dirty and it felt like no one has cleaned it for 3-4 days as the banana peel was rotting in here since then. Not only banana peel but also many other eatable items were lying on the floor and it was very unhygienic to be here. The staff members were very annoying. They never even fetched me a glass of water when I requested them to. I was greatly disappointed with the management of this place. I had to wait for an hour in the waiting room, I then went to use the washroom and found out that the toilet was out of service and the basin tap was overflowing which made the whole floor wet. I had to go out and use the public toilet and even they were better regarding the hygiene of the clinic. It was getting late so I enquired about the dentist to which the receptionist said that he has not yet arrived. This made me furious and I came out of the Newark Smiles at once. I would never ever visit this place because it had nothing tolerable. I had to wait for the doctor to arrive, what’s the point of making an appointment when all I had to do was wait. It was totally a waste of time being here. The place should be shut down as soon as possible.

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