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Published: 26 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Coming to the unfortunate event that I recently faced – I lost my car in a fire accident. After the accident, the car was not in any condition to run or even be repaired. I had to start thinking about getting a new car and I did. I started searching for BMW showrooms near me and the first name that came up on the list was Newbold BMW. You see, only by seeing the name of such a prestigious brand such as BMW, I did not even bother to read anything regarding the showroom. I simply called the place up and scheduled an appointment for the very next day.
The day was quite sunny. I woke up early and got ready to go to Newbold BMW. I did not want to be late and so I hurried out of my house an hour early to reach the place on time. I arrived at the showroom a good 15 minutes before the scheduled time. After waiting for those extra 15 minutes, I went to a nearby staff and requested him to call a salesperson. He told me to wait for some time and that ‘some time’ lasted for more than an hour. I was fortunate enough to be called by someone after that long hour.
The salesperson, although well-suited, did not seem to be too well-mannered. He told me to ‘jump straight to the point without any further procrastination’. To be honest, I was quite surprised by this. I was the one who had been waiting for hours and was told to hurry by a salesperson seemed rather odd. I jumped straight to the point and told him about the model I was looking for. He simply asked me if I wanted to buy it or was I just ‘eating up time’. Seems unbelievable, right? Trust me, it was unbelievable to me too. I asked him about the specifications of the car which he refused to tell me. When I asked him again, he ridiculed me and laughed at me by calling me a ‘jerk’. I didn’t go there to get laughed at, what kind of customer service is that?
When I described the behaviour of the salesperson to the manager of the place, I was not paid heed to. I simply could not take it anymore and stormed off the place. When I reached home, I thought about this incident again. This time, I came up with a conclusion – No matter what happens, I would never, ever think of going to that place ever again. This incident made me realize that no matter how prestigious a company is, if the employees working for it do not care about the needs of a customer, then there is no point in being called a prolific or luxurious brand. I would not recommend anyone to go to Newbold BMW because that place is filled up filthy human beings dressed up as ‘dedicated’ employees.

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