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Published: 15 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I moved in to the Townhouse apartments with my roommate in October of 2013. I had just started a job and was told that I could not be on the lease because of that since I didn’t know how much I would be making due to it being a sales job based on commission. Because of this, we were forced to pay an extra $850 security deposit. I was told once I was consistently making the minimum requried income I could be added to the lease. When this occurred, I went to the office and was told not to worry about anything. A few months into our lease, we started receiving complaint that there were two of us living in the aparment even though there was only one of us on the lease. I went down to the office and told them the previous office manager, who was no longer with the company, had never put me on the lease. Because of this, they had me fill out the paper work and get put on the lease, so I assumed everything was taken care of. At this time, I also made sure they knew we had payed an extra $850 security deposit as hush money. Towards the end of the time of our lease, my roommate and I decided we anted to renew our lease, but only for six months instead of an entire year. We came to an agreement with the company that we would be there for six months, and after the six months were up we would make a decision whether or not we wanted to stay. As the time went on, we became curious as to why we never received any paperwork on whether or not we wanted to renew our lease after the six months. My roommate contacted the realty office and they said our lease was up at the end of April, it was currently the end of May. They had never told us anything even though we continued to pay our rent. Because my roommate wanted to move out, we notified the company that we would have to stay another month because we did not have any place lined up since they had never given us any notification. As the month went on, we both got everything moved out, and ended up being out of the apartment at the required time. Today, I received my half of the security deposit, and it was only $315.97. Half of the $1700 security deposit was kept from us because we did not give 45 days notice of leaving the apartment. We had never received any notification from the company that we had to leave the apartment. This place is run terribly. It’s not just the people that work in Butler, but the people that head the group in Pittsburgh. They are incompetent. There is no way they should keep our extra security deposit, that we shouldn’t have been required to have, because they messed up. I would never recommend anyone to live here unless they want to pay more than an apartment is worth, and then want a headache once it’s time to move out.

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