Next Star Productions

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A big time fraud!

Next star productions is that agency which perfectly deserves the title of “Fraud”. This company simply plays with the emotions and money of young ambitious people with larger dreams in their hearts hoping to do big in the entertainment industry. But, these people break them emotionally, drain their money and leave them unhappy and depressed at times. You can’t trust the company Next Star Productions. I came across them through an advertisement about their auditions. I went there with my child. After the audition, they had made a promise to give a call back. Apparently it seems that they have given a call back to everybody who went in for the auditions. I was not given a call back. They had made several promises and brewed perfect dreams for my kid who is at such an impressionable age. So, we returned to their office, they offered us to pay and to invest money for the portfolio shoot which are professional photos that require before auditioning and to hire an agent who will manage my kid, because they were ready to take in my kid for the show. My kid was so excited about it and I have also paid the entire sum to them. But after the first rehearsal, they totally ignored us and didn’t even give us a call back, neither did they tell anything about the collaboration which they were supposed to offer. Now, just imagine what my kid could have gone through at this age where a little failure sows in the seeds of self-doubt and jealousy which adversely affects one’s self-esteem and confidence. My kid has been depressed since then and it really hurts to see a lovely young kid who at a time was very vibrant, silently stays in a corner of the room and sometimes cries alone. This company is the worst who are just money mongers and have only established themselves to extract money out of common people. Stay away from Next star productions.

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