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Published: 23 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This story is almost what happened to the other provider, so it must be a trend. I went to transfer my server to more powerful computer, which I have done many times before and it automatically upgraded to their new software, without my prompting. I notified Nextech, sales team and she said the only thing that they could do was to CHARGE me for the two years that I did not use their service contracts and then sell me an additional year. What??? They want me to pay for two years of service of which I did not use?????? I pulled out my contract and this does not state this anywhere in the contract that I have to pay for any years that I do not wish to employ their technical support. So here are the emails. The sales rep wrote: I spoke with management and the best that we can offer you at this point would be 50% off of 2012, 50% off of 2013, and since it is already so late in the year, all of 2014. I have included all of the invoices for your review along with a credit card authorization form. The total of $15K down from $19K Then 2 minutes before they closed: Stephanie the sales rep writes: I spoke with management and unfortunately we cannot activate support without a written authorization and signature from you. Management was however able to lower your down payment to $8,305 and the remainder to be split into 2 monthly payments ($3322 on 1/27/2014 and again on 2/27/2014). In order to proceed please email or fax this credit card authorization back to me. I respondec: Stephanie and “Management”, It is unfortunate that your company has chosen the position outlined below when I agreed to pay $5K today. As I stated earlier today that I was with my father whom was just released from the hospital and did not have internet access to move around funds. This may be a heaven sent however, because the more I think about the way you do business and that you are keeping my electronic medical records from me, the software that I paid in full for, the more I think I will seek legal counsel. This just feels really like extortion (Webster describes it as, “Illegal use of one’s official position or powers to obtain property, funds, or patronage, An excessive or exorbitant charge “) When I left your company in 2011, I never was told that by discontinuing technical support service that I would have to pay for these exorbitant charges for services that I did not use over the upcoming years. Also, I paid for Nexweb and I have been told many times since then that I could not have it installed since I did not have tech support and it was not activated on my account. That was $3K down the tubes. To conclude, you are keeping me from operating tomorrow, a full clinic, and this was a voluntary choice made by your company today. Once again, pay or don’t play sounds illegal. I never asked for the upgrade and it was imposed on me when I tried to switch servers per the directions in your manual. I will seek legal counsel and do some marketing for you guys over the weekend. These kind of business practices need to be exposed to physicians and healthcare providers in general. Doctor’s Beward of this ripoff company, they think we are so busy and stupid that we will just throw money anywhere. Really? They could of just reactived my account with a nominal fee and saved alot of money on marketing costs…. Shame on you for your bad business practices.

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