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Published: 17 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

NextRE is a relator company providing real estate services in the Delaware area. We wanted an honest and trustworthy realtor to represent our home – and we ended up with these crooks and thugs!! Since we transferred to another Air force base, they represented us but did NO work whatsoever towards the property they undertook, and not only did we lose over 6 months of time in putting our property for availability, they made NO effort to publicly represent us (a scammer’s refuge behind any legal counter-action!). In fact, we ended up losing the money for over six months while they showed NO interest or communicative professionalism while our property deteriorated and eventually was taken care of a very good realtor NOT associated with NextRE. It has been brought to my attention that these scumbags are a group of racists who choose on a non-white victim and will fleece them for everything that they can just because they have a moral backing of their own ignorance and misguided hate. They are greedy to the cent and will dump the client as soon as they need to do any significant work or put in effort. If the property gets taken up by itself then they want their cut, but otherwise you are as well on your own. As a military veteran, I felt these people would be trustworthy for my services to the country but no – they are essentially predators who will take advantage of anyone and I believe it is my duty to warn everyone to BEWARE. Mr. Blaisdell and his cohorts tend to brag a lot about their 500+ properties that they manage — THAT IS FALSE!! The do not have 500+ properties to manage and neither are they the upstanding well deserving Americans they claim to be – more like neo-Nazis. My property was eventually sold and let me remind you that while I complain about these thugs, I am aware of the real estate slump. But they should have put in at least some effort to pursue prospective clients – no they did not. They did charge lots of CASH only transactions so they could essentially cash and dash with repairs and cleanouts etc. After that, they disappeared into thin air and no calls were returned. The real estate company feigned ignorance and no help were provided in any form. No written notices were provided to tell us that they are unable to represent us. No updates were issued about any efforts they might have put in to represent our property. My plea to the general public as a private citizen is to beware of such irresponsible and predatory racial supremacists (concluded after overhearing their conversation and from speaking from other clients) and hire some professional and trustworthy realtors who will not give you ulcers and heart-attacks over your properties.

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