Nichole Pelletier

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Nichole Pelletier was entertaining and banging my husband

I had a business trip outside the town. I was too exhausted too soon and also I missed my family a lot. So, I thought I should head back home soon. When I got back home, I smelled there was something fishy. For the first shock, I saw my daughter had passed out on the floor. I tried to find my husband but he wasn’t there. There were some Walmart undergarments lying all over my place which induced anger in me. When I went close to the patio, I started to hear slow music. I went out and was completely taken aback to see my husband, my neighbor and my neighbor’s son gang banging this junkie bitch. I could see drug paraphernalia spread down everywhere. I asked my husband to come to one corner and started yelling at him as I was extremely furious. After a while, this female couldn’t be found. As I approached the area behind the hot tub, I saw that she wasn’t breathing. She thought she would finish the drugs meanwhile, and started overdosing on them I believe. It goes without saying, that I filed for divorce. Right now, I’m awaiting my settlement. It was immensely hard to see my husband of 17 years cheating on me. She is still homeless and is trying to find a sugar daddy for herself.

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