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Published: 30 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Nick Chand is a foreigner that owns and operates several businesses. Any thing he deals in he is one of those people who will tell you anything and has No intention of doing what he says. I would equate him to the equivalent of Kwame Kilpatrick. How do you know when Kwame is lying….. When he moves his lips NIck is the same way. He owns a building on Evergreen in Soutfield and he is a slum lord. Air conditioning goes down when it is mid 90’s out he will take a week or 2 to fix because he wont pay the high price to have someone come right away and he doesnt give you any relief. In the mean time it is mid 90’s out and you literally cook in your office. He is such a miser that he doesnt pay his janitor so the janitor stops showing up until he pays him. In the mean time there is no toilery items like tollet paper, soap, paper towels etc…… Imagine running a business in this building and having to put up with this when your customers tell you that they went to use the bathroom and first these items are missing, next it is unsanitary. You call Nick and he says ok i will have “somebody” fix it. This “somebody” never comes or they come days later. If you expect service from your landlord for paying your rent on time, you will Not get it here. He could care less. Also the roof is about to collapse in. it is a flat roof and it needed replaced years ago and he refuses to do it. Also he does is keep patching it. Every contractor he brings tells them it needs replaced becuase it is bowing in the middle. But becuase of the cost he wont do it. I feel sorry for anyone who it falls on becuase you wont get any compensation there. Nick has so many LLC’s that he will just put that LLC under and you will never see a cent. He is a multi million aire and he is so cheap that he was splicing cable for T.V. off of another tenant suites to run t.v. into his own suite that he has there. This ought to sum up his eithics…. He has None. He is a slum lord in every capacity. He operates one LLC under Chand Enterprises. If you rent here you will see no upkeep and no personal responsibility for anything that goes wrong and inconveniences you. He “forgot” to pay the trash bill and they took away the dumpster and it took almost 2 weeks to get one back. He is one of the worst liars out there. He will flat out look you in the face, promise you something and then the next day not do it and then argue about it. He also stiffs his vendors. A light guy came in, changed out all the lights in the whole building and Nick stiffed the poor guy. the guy had to put a lien on the property, which means nothing until he goes to sell it. Nick will screw you in a second. the Best advice is to stay away. he also owns 2 Indian restaurants in Hawaii and if you look at the reviews for Shivalik Indian Cuisine in Hawaii. He owns another one also. the reviews are almost identical from their credit cards being charged too much, to the tip being doubled, too the food being overpriced and nasty, to the condition of the place which is just like his rental properties—nasty and run down. This guy is something else. If you are a vendor stay away and unless you get payment in full Upfront you will get stiffed. If you are a potential customer, tenant etc…. Buyer beware and i would take my money elsewhere. This guys is so arrogant and thinks he is untouchable. So you have been warned. What you do is up to you.

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