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Published: 20 June 2018

Posted by: JONAS P

Immigration Lawyer Nicklaus Misiti is a stupid idiotic dumb son of a bitch.

Not only is he a terrible and dim-witted Attorney, but he seems half-retarded as well.

He couldn’t argue his way out of a paper bag or a toilet paper roll, let alone in an Immigration Court.

He has the personality of a silver platter of cold cuts, only he is much less exciting.

His knowledge of Immigration Law is completely ZERO, considering that the moron has only been in practice for 1 year, having graduated law school in approximately 2010 from a fourth level low-tier law school in East Bumblefuck Illinois.

Yet Nick Misiti fraudulently and arrogantly, proudly, and loudly proclaims like a homosexual rooster on his website, in blatantly false advertising, that he is the “Number 1 Immigration Law Firm in New York.”

Does anyone really want a lying deceitful sack of putrid cowshit like this representing you him front of the Immigration Courts?

Every single one of the Immigration Judges throughout the United States of America know that he is a fucking con-artist and swindler, and no one trusts him, not even his clients (and not even his mother).

See the other complaint about him on RipOff Report online and other websites and you will know what I mean.

If you are suicidal, and want to not only be deported, but be raped, tortured and then killed in prison as well, hire this motherfucking derelict dumbshit.

Otherwise keep on moving and hire someone else who has more knowledge, integrity, intelligence, compassion, and experience.

And if you have already been conned into hiring this bottom-feeder douschebag, please immediately:

(1) cal your bank and do a charge back on your credit card for fraud/lack of services provided,

(2) file a detailed fee dispute with the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee located at 14 Vesey Street, New York NY 10006 tel (212) 267-6646 (ask for Heidi Liebowitz to help you), and then

(3) file a scathing and honest Disciplinary Complaint against him for FRAUD with the Departmental Disciplinary Committee First Department, New York, NY 10006 tel (212) 401-0800 right away, to both get your money back, and to send this cocksucker back to the salt mines where he belongs.

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