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Couldnt even paint a car!!!

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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

One morning when I went into the garage to take my car out, I noticed that there was a huge scratch on the left side. It started from the bottom and extended up to the rear-view mirror. I remember that last week, my friend had borrowed my car and that is how the scratch was there. I decided not to demand an explanation from him and go get it fixed it myself instead. I had been wanting to get the car painted in black for quite some time and therefore, I decided that the time had come to bid goodbye to the navy-blue colour of my BMW. I looked up the internet for nearby authorized service centres and the name which came up was of Niello BMW. I scheduled a service appointment online. I did not want to go to any local place because I had this belief that it is always good to go to the authorized service centre rather than going to any other place.

The day of the appointment arrived and I reached the place with my BMW. After a while, I met with the mechanic and his team. I told them that I needed to get a new paint job for the car. The mechanic told me that I would need to pay more than the usual fee because the car’s material was different. I did not much about the material and since I was at an official BMW Service Center, I decided to trust the mechanic and that is why I agreed to it. I told them specifically that I wanted to go for the black-coloured, glossy metallic finish. I wanted that colour because I had seen the same model of that colour and it looked breathtaking. I was told to have complete faith and that my car would look like the ‘most beautiful thing’ after it gets painted. I had faith in them because they were working for an esteemed company that is famous all over the world. I was presented with the bill and I paid it off that very instant. I was told that it would take a month or so. Even though I did not like such a far-away date, I agreed to it since I did not want any compromises to be made. I walked out of there happily since I had total faith in the certified mechanics working at Niello BMW.

After 5 weeks, I got a call from the place stating that my car had been painted. I reached the place and the moment I saw my car, I was filled up with all kinds of disappointments and anger. I had repeated several times that I wanted a glossy, metallic finish but what I got was a cheap-looking matte finish which, to be descriptive, looked horrendous. There was nothing much left for me to stay because the damage had already been done and therefore, I collected my keys and drove out of the place.

I never had expected this from a certified BMW service centre. Shame on Niello BMW for not even being able to meet the customer’s demand. I would strictly advise against going to that place for even a regular service session.

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