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Published: 26 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

A most horrifying computer fraud with serios consequences! At approximately 3:50 pm on January15, 2015 I received a phone call from a John Carter informing me that my computer is about to crash and it is full of dangerous viruses, plus my gmail was high jacked by hackers. I advised him that I have a contract with Geek Support and that I will call them. He advised me that he was from them and that their monitoring system showed the problem with my computer. I then asked him some questions about my contract with Geek Support and he knew that I had a Senior Citizen discount with my paid fee and that I paid $299.00 plus other things he verified. As he was a fraud and so finding out later, it surprised me at no end how he acquired the information. I then asked to speak to Michael or Amid, technicians from Geek Support who worked on my computer before. He then connected me with Amid and he confirmed the danger to my computer. He asked me to give him connection via www.lm?, I am not sure about the wording. I was surprised about that as it always used to be, but thought maybe they changed it. After he got control and after a little while he showed me that all my filed were in sleeping mode, not active, that my firewall was not in an “ON” position, that files were high jacked by Russians and various other frightening aspects. He then said that my computer is 76% impaired and that he could not fix it without me purchasing a new memory-board or something there like, can’t remember the term exactly. He said I could buy it from Walmart or from an apple store and he would install it. He showed me a website from Walmart and where the product was around $2000, but he said that the company has a special deal with an apple store and I could get for less. I said that I have to talk to my daughter about it. He said there is no time as the computer can crash any minute, but I insisted on it. I tried to reach my daughter but could not get a hold of her. He then connected me to another person who identified himself as a representative of the apple store and gave me a price of $965 for this part. I said this is all very well but I have to talk to my daughter. The previous man came back on the phone, whose name is actually NIMESH SHARMA and not Avid again realized that later, he then became very hard selling and tried to intimidate me. He said that this can’t wait till tomorrow because my computer will be crashed. I said but it will have to wait because I have to discuss the situation with my daughter. He said have it your way consider your computer crashed as of this minute. Suddenly I noticed my desktop files disappearing. I had no idea what was happening until I realized he is deleting my files. It was so fast within a minute my files where gone while I tried very hard to disconnect from him as he still was in control of my computer. He could do anything and I was powerless as he had the control. Realizing what was going on I switched off the computer. I later switched the computer back on and deleted all the “Log me in” connections — downloads, but he still had control somehow as he did came back, but I caught the pop up through which he communicates and I copied it, then deleted it too. He then made a pop up come up saying something very close to the following “All your files are gone – the hachers did it – I told you so -hahahaha” The pop up disapeared immediately there after. This was a most horrifying and nerve-wrecking experience. Please don’t let anybody into your computer! .

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