NinjaBE is totally unsafe for young kids

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Published: 23 April 2019

Posted by: amanda

Don’t go here! NinjaBE is totally unsafe for young kids, they lack staff members and the people here don’t know how to operate the courses properly. There is no referee for the dodgeball game and this place has no height restrictions which make it easy for 3-year-olds to go difficult courses which are not safe for them. The staff members don’t care about the children and leave them on their own. More than 4 kids were on the Ninja course as the staff was not managing the kids properly. The course should have only one kid per course/ section, it is the company policy but the staff members are too careless to follow any rules.

If you think that you have seen the worst arenas then NinjaBE’s dodge ball section is going to break that record for you. It is one of the most harmful game ideas I have ever seen in my whole life. They put 6 small trampolines on each side of the dodge ball area and kids keep coming to these trampolines pushing each other so that they can play. The staff members have to run in between trampolines to control the kids and avoid any accidents, however, they just don’t have that many staff members which make it impossible for them to keep the kids in control. My kid got a bad ankle injury because of the carelessness of the staff members. The only way to improve this problem is by hiring more staff or by getting a proper system in the premises which handle the kids properly.

If you are bringing some of your kid’s friends to the place then be ready to run around the massive warehouse for a couple of hours chasing kids. NinjaBE does not have any policy on age restriction and any kid ageing from 5 to 25 can get on any of their course. There is no height verification on any of their courses as well, which makes it extremely unsafe for any small kid. It might not sound as bad as it actually is, but chasing kids all day long is really frustrating. The main highlight of this place is NinjaBE’s special Ninja Warrior course. Just like all the other courses, this course does not have any age or height restriction, they don’t even limit the number of kids who can enter the course at one time. When I went there, there were more than 5 kids in each section of the course, which is obviously not very safe. The staff members didn’t give a fuck about the safety and wellness of the kids in the area. They inflatable course was the only one where there was an entry staff member who was monitoring the kids; all the other courses were unsupervised.

As an adult, you are going to have a really bad time here. These guys are too careless to operate a children’s facility. My kid was happy to come here but he left with a sprained ankle and tears on his cheeks.

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