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Published: 17 April 2019

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My husband was looking for a used Toyota Tacoma and we orginally went to Toyota of Greer, but they did not have exactly the truck we wanted. They recommended we go to Nissan of Greer, as they share a used car inventory. Well, my husband found a 2003 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab at Nissan of Greer, and I just happened to fall in love with a 2014 Nissan Altima 3.5SL. So we ended up purchasing both cars together! The staff was extremely helpful with purchasing the vehicles, but the minute we drove off the lot with our new vehicles we were beyond unhappy with the service at Nissan of Greer. Also, the Toyota Tacome did not come with a warranty and they would not even sale us a warranty. However, I did ask what would happen if the truck broke down in the first few weeks, and Jose and Matt both said that Nissan of Greer was an “honorable” company and they would fix even a large mechanical issue like a bad engine or transmission. I have two other witnesses that can witness to Jose and Matt’s statements. So, my husband and I were happy with our vehicles for the first few weeks, until my husbands truck started acting up. The Toyota Tacoma was having issues with gas power. My husband would push the gas and it would take awhile for it to actual go or sometimes he would have the gas pedal to the floor and the truck would not go until it would eventually get a surge of power and just take off. So, my husband took it to Nissan of Greer, and a serviceman came out front and opened the hood and said everything looked fine to him, and that he recommended we use premium gas to fix the issue. (I looked in the 2003 Toyota Tacoma Manual and it does not mention anywhere about using premium gas.) My husband and I were leaving for a beach trip in a few days and the serviceman said the vehicle should correct its self with the premium gas and the vehicle would be safe to drive to the beach. Well, we made it to Columbia, SC (about 1.5 hours from home) before the truck started having major issues with the gas power. We would be driving 60+ mph on the highway and the power would go to nothing; it was beyond scary and we could have been in a terrible accident and severely injured. I called Nissan of Greer while standing on the side of the road, and was told to take it to Dick Dyer Toyota of Columbia, SC. I must have spoke to ten different people at Nissan of Greer and everyone said they could not help us, and then we were finally connected to George Watson the general manager. He offered to get us a rental car for the week so we could go on vacation and pick the truck back up on our way home once it was fixed. Come to find out the supercharger on the truck was BAD. It cost us 1700 dollars to have the supercharger taken off and restore the truck to stock. Nissan of Greer refused to help at all. And we were without a truck for over TWO weeks while the vehicle was being repaired. The Carfax that Nissan of Greer gave us showed NO issues with the truck, however Toyota was able to show that the truck had been in the shop THREE times in the past year for the same issue. Nissan of Greer is claiming they did not have access to this information, yet Toyota of Greer said they share the same used inventory. I also have the mechanicn from Toyota of Greenville that use to service the truck for the previous owner, and he stated that he told the previous owner the supercharger was BAD and needed to be replaced. So, if Nissan of Greer actually services their used vehicles before selling them, how did they not see the supercharger was BAD? I have tried working with the general manager at Nissan of Greer, George Watson, but he does not want to be bothered with us. My husband tried going to speak to him in person, but George Watson was too busy answering phone calls and calling people every two minutes. George Watson also NEVER paid for the rental car like he promised. Dick Dyer Toyota tried calling George Watson multiple times and George Watson was either too busy to take the phone call or would tell Dick Dyer to call back later. Thus, my husband and I got stuck with a 180 dollar rental car bill. George Watson keeps promising that he will write us a check, but there is always an excuse. Will I ever even get the 180 dollar check for a rental car, let alone my money back for a lemon truck they sold me?

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