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Dr. Noll is a BIG pervert! Should be imprisoned!

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Published: 03 June 2019

Posted by: Kyle

I found out about this clinic from a friend of mine who later told me that she just Googled the dentist on the internet and recommended the nearest one to me. After writing this post, I will deal with my friend. Anyways, so soon after my friend told me about the Noll Family Dentistry, I called them to book an appointment for a root canal. No one picked up the phone for the first three times but someone finally picked it up in the 4th try. I booked the appointment for the next day and went to the clinic then. First off, these guys made me wait an extra 30 minutes because the doctor was busy with something. When I entered the doctor’s room, the guy started staring at me in a weird way which was really uncomfortable, trust me, it was REALLY uncomfortable.He asked me,” So you want to get a root canal done right?” I replied by saying yeah and then he started on with the procedure. He was too touchy for a dentist but I ignored it for some time. I was lying on the dentist’s chair while he was doing a simple check-up. He was caressing my cheeks almost every 30 seconds, I asked him,” What are you doing?” and he just ignored the question. After the checkup, he proceeded to do the root canal treatment. He gave me an anaesthesia or something and I started feeling drowsy. I could still see his face clearly and I noticed a certain smirk on his face. I couldn’t help but close my eyes, then I felt that someone was pressing my breasts and trying to take off my shirt. I immediately got up from the chair and ran outside of his room stating,” HOW DARE YOU!”. Dr Noll acted like he could not understand what happened. I noticed that three of the top buttons of my shirt were open and I closed them as soon as I noticed them. I got out of the clinic and took an Uber home as I couldn’t drive. I have a genetically weak heart and I almost had a heart attack because of Dr Noll. I cannot get that horrific incident out of my head, Dr Noll sexually harassed me and he was going to rape me! This happened last week but I did not have the courage to inform the police about what happened, I was too scared. But now I will press charges against that pervert and make sure that his pervertism gets exposed in front of the world. I would strongly suggest everyone stay away from Dr Noll and his dentistry. That place is NOT SAFE! Save your daughters, mothers, wives or yourself from this sexual predator. I don’t know whether this post survives the brutal reputation management team of Dr Noll, so I would advise that you share it with your peers and loved ones.

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