Norman-Victoria Ramos Family

Norman and Avic Ramos - A Narcissistic Family

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Published: 23 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This explains why Norman C. Ramos continues to victimize women get to mess up other people’s lives. A dysfunctional family who chooses to cover up condone wrong doings and will do anything to discredit whatever that can bring harm or taint the image of their “beautiful family”. Slowly things are coming to light on its own with enough proof they can no longer deny or hide the truth. To all those close to them you get to hear the story from their side only or what they choose to let you know. For sure we who speak of the truth are portrayed as the villain, wanting to ruin or cause them trouble etc. just to discredit the truth. To begin with who is preying on women targeting the weak, abusing and using them. Then when caught he’ll walk away, the family will try control the situation twist the truth. How many women has Norman victimized? Some of which are unaware of the truth. No one would like trouble of course but this vicious cycle is harming people. Who do you think you are to mess up the lives of others, you think your entitled to do that and not take any accountability or responsibility for causing damage? You can’t even accept the truth of what’s happening, even put the blame on other people as if you had nothing to do with it. What matters is they get to keep the good image to those around them. Stop playing the victims of a situation you have created.

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