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Published: 12 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On January 31, 2015, I walked into the dealership and inquired about a 2006 BMW. I test drove the car and took it to a friends to drive it also. The car drove fine and I applied for financing. The car listed at 9600 but when we finalized the deal, I was told that price was for cash sales only and they added 3000.00 more. They said that is what the finance company will require the price to be or I couldn’t get financed. I put down 3000.00 and they gave me 500.00 for a trade of my Dodge Durango. I drove the car directly home from the dealership as it was late in the evening and I live approximately 3 miles from the dealership. I put the car in my garage and got up the next morning to drive to work. I work about 15 miles from home, no highway driving. When I got about 2 blocks from work, there was a bump and my car began to swerve. I thought I had a flat tire. I was able to slowly make it to work. I called the dealership immediately and told them what happened. I told”them I couldn’t drive it back to the dealership because it swerved uncontrollably. They said “what do you want us to do?” I asked them to come and get it but they said they don’t do that. They said have it towed back and they would look at it. I first called AAA to change tire because I thought that was the problem. Once the doughnut was put on I tried to drive off and the car still swerved uncontrollably. AAA then had to call a tow truck and I towed it back to the dealership. They were closing before I could get there so I had to have my daughter go back and get my keys from my Dodge Durango because they allowed me to have it back until the BMW was fixed. They wouldn’t even pay for my tow. I went back the next day and it was discovered that an arm had broke underneath the car. I expressed that I didn’t feel safe in that car and that I didn’t want it. They fixed the arm. but that was all they could do. I had only driven it for a total of 1 hour. I continued to tell them I didn’t feel safe in the car and I didn’t want it but they refused saying it was sold AS IS and the car is mine. I left and about 2 weeks later I had 4 brand new tires put on because the car didn’t drive right and felt like it was moving in the back when I drove it. I thought tires were the problem. I put 4 new tires on but it still drove swervy. About 2 months later, when raining, my car began swerving across the road. I had to pull over and went to a Goodyear. It was discovered that my tires were completely bald in the back after only 2 months. The tire company replaced the 2 back tires. Still driving and the car moving in the rear, I decided to get an alignment. Today, I took it to get an alignment and the mechanic told me the car has been wrecked and the sub frame is bent. They said it had to be known because someone has already tried to align it as far as it can go. I know when they fixed the arm the next day after I purchased the car it was known yet never revealed. The car is unsafe and I am told that it will cost about 2000.00 to repair. I feel as though I was sold a car that is unsafe to drive. I have put down 3500.00, purchased new tires of which I will have to do again because the problem will continue to wear out the tires and I am afraid to drive the car. They kept reassuring me the car is fine you’re just nervous because of the issue with the arm breaking. PLEASE DON’T GO THERE. .

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