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I could not believe at the tyranny.

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Published: 12 August 2019

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Dealing with problems regarding teeth should be the topmost priority of every person. Procrastinating in matters regarding teeth problems often results in serious issues. One day, my son told me that he was experiencing pain in his wisdom tooth. He could not chew properly as it hurt. I decided not to delay and immediately started looking for clinics. I came across North Houston – Woodlands Oral Surgical Arts and after reading some reviews, I decided to take my son there. I got an appointment scheduled for the very next day.
We reached the place early. The waiting room had a strange pungent smell and when I requested a staff member to look into it, he did not bother to listen to me. We had to wait for an hour before being called in. I told the doctor about my problems. He listened to half of it as he was busy on his phone. Nevertheless, he did an X-Ray of my son’s teeth and told us that his wisdom tooth was infected and that it would be needed to be extracted. We decided to go through with it as soon as possible. He prescribed some medicines for the pin and told us to come after four days.
The medicines were not that effective. All they were lessen the pain for a few moments. Anyway, we went to his clinic after four days. The stinking problem of the waiting room had still not been solved. We were called in and the doctor was almost ready. He told me to stand aside and made my son sit on the chair.
He used a weak anaesthetic instead of a strong one as my son said he could still feel the pain even after the usage of the anaesthesia. While making an incision in the gum, the doctor scratched the upper side and it started bleeding. This did not stop him and he aggressively removed the bone. He did not divide the teeth into sections as he wanted to pull it off all at once, without thinking about the consequences. HE took out the tooth all at once without flinching. I stood there, helpless, as I saw tears falling from my son’s eyes. Although the bleeding had stopped, the whole area had become red. While cleaning the debris, somehow he hurt the opened site and my son had to be held down by his assistant to make him stay still. He stitched the wound and told us that it is done.
I asked him whether he should be kept there, at the clinic for some time but the doctor told us that there is no need for it. We came back home. After a few hours, while we were at home, my son started crying as the stitched area had started bleeding. The doctor did forget to put gauze over the extraction site which led to clot formation.
I called the doctor instantly. He picked up my call and when I told him what had happened, he told me that it was my son’s fault and that he ‘must have done something that caused the bleeding’. After saying this, he disconnected the call and switched off his phone.
Doctors are supposed to be compassionate and caring. It was probably my biggest mistake and I swore never to set foot into that place. I strongly advise anyone reading this not to go to North Houston – Woodlands Oral Surgical Arts.

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