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Published: 03 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I thought it will be of great benefit if I let you know briefly about North Jersey Dental Group. I kindly request you that you consider this in your future decisions. I highly don’t recommend North Jersey Dental Group to anyone at all. Whatever I will share with you in a couple of minutes happened to my biological mother not that long ago. She did her first consultation early last month and by this time her experience, there was not that bad until the next appointed that she had. She went there and asked them to replace her metal crown with a porcelain one. On her first meeting with the dentist, she stated severally that she only wanted a porcelain crown. She had to go for a dental exam a few weeks later where the doctor notified her that she needed four more crowns. Several appointments later when she went there her old crown was removed and they notified her she needed a root canal. For that reason, they recommended my mother to visit one of their branches for this procedure to be done. What annoyed her the most, on her visit there she was again sent back to their first office, where she was put a new crown on. Surprisingly, she had been put the wrong crown of which it was a metal plated porcelain. Like a week later she experienced extreme pain hence had to go back to their office and told them, instead of them adjusting the crown they only prescribed her with antibiotics. The month that followed she ended up in urgent care because of the same. My mother had to get another dentist because the pain was too much she could not bear it anymore only to find out that her nerve was dying and that was the reason as to why she was experiencing that extreme pain all that time. By that time her tooth had become necrotic which led the new dentist to perform the root canal. I thank God the root canal was done well because I was also very sad seeing my mother experiencing the pain she was undergoing. Later my mother realized that the new dentist had solved the problem that had been created by North Jersey Dental Group. My mother got better hence she had to call North Jersey Dental Group to get her refund for the cap that was removed which they had initially placed. They had messed up my mother’s tooth and again they refused to give her any refund. Since they had messed up my mother’s treatment, she also refused to pay until they agreed. My mother was horrified and disappointed with her experience. They even ruined her credit of which she is now struggling to fix and did nothing for that matter instead caused difficulties to her. I was extremely disappointed in the quality of care they provided to my mother. I highly don’t recommend them because I don’t wish anyone to experience the same as my mother did.

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