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Published: 25 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is my email to Tom (The ripoff artist) Tom…….Please call me. We went from 2100 to 4000 down. This is why I asked you prior to paying you 750 dollars what my cost would be, and how approval is granted. I was told by you that you had more then one of these vehicles to choose from, and the only issue would be if I had an open bankruptcy, owed back taxes or child support. I have none of this!! I really would appreciate a call back as this is and has been holding me up on getting my business up an running. I’ve made numerous calls and emails to follow up as I was told it was I its underwritting process. Can I ask how do you give a guarantee tht I’d have this truck…..then do a total 180 to something totally different, then ask if I was interested after a 750 deposit was made??????? How is this fair or just? I’ve left a couple voicemails, and this would be my second email. I cant get through on your business line, (from the number you have listed for me, but….If I call via my home phone guess what…..I get a ring and an option to leave a message.) I am trying to understand what North South Leasing is, and has been doing in the past week were my 05 fl is gone, my cost went up to damn near double, and my choices of vehicles being….in-existant???? How is this possible? Please respond to me at your earliest comvenience. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note® II Tom:Date:05/05/2014 1:15 PM (GMT-06:00) To: (email address removed by admin) Subject: North South Leasing Hello Edward, The 05 FL is no longer available. Just wanted to let you know we have (2) 2006 Freightliners that were move $4000 down and $400 a month. These trucks fist come first sever. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you, Tom (586) 439-0018 As iI said, after you have paid your 750 he will put your phone number on a block were you can only leave a message. I called from house phone an got not only a ring tone but a different voicemail, a nicer, more friendlier one. If anyone knows of what we can do further please let me know. I am interseted in going broke, bankrupt to not only tank this company but provide jailtime as well. This is plain ROBBERY. .

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