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Published: 26 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

When i first bought my truck in 2011 i thought i was being well taken care of. i decided since i needed a new truck i would drive down to puyallup and stop in at north west motor sports since i have seen their ads on tv and heard about them on the radio. once i got there i started looking at trucks that were in my price range and that looked good. finally i found a truck that was perfect for me. the salesman told me it was a great truck with no problems. so i bought it. on my way home i realized the stereo did not work, not a big deal i can fix that. before i made it home the check engine light came on. by now i was pissed if it was such a great truck why was all this happening. so i scanned the computer and turned off the check engine light the code was for a O2 sensor not a big deal. after having the truck for 2 years i decided to try and trade it in on a newer diesel truck. when i went to a dealer that had a truck i liked i tried to trade it in. the car fax they ran came back fine but the auto check did not. auto check is basically another car fax. the auto check came back with reported frame damage 2 times and a accident in california a few years before i bought the truck. the dealership told me the truck wasnt worth blue book value because of the frame damage. they said they could give me 1/3rd of what i owe. after hearing that i contacted north west motor sports and talked with a manager. the manager said that when a lifted truck goes to auction they automatically say it has frame damge due to it being lifted. ok i can understand that. north west did not seem too interested in trying to make things rite having sold me a truck that had frame damage and not disclosing this information to me before hand. i would have never bought the truck in the first place had i known this. so i contacted the BBB and the attorney generals office, in less then 24 hours i had a phone call from Don the general Manager of north west saying “”i want to make this rite, we are sorry that this happened, and if it means he has to lose money on 1 truck he is willing to do that to make it rite, we will inspect the truck for frame damage to see if it was the lift kit they reported.”” i thought to myself man what a nice guy coming forward and saying they will make it rite no matter what. so i went down there to see what they could do. instead of taking the truck back and giving me my money back, or taking the money i payed into my truck and putting it towards another truck, they wanted to take my truck in on trade and try and get me into another 5 year loan on a newer truck but were not willing to come down in price to make things rite with me. since the general manager wasnt there the day i was and after 4 hours of back and forth with a sales guy i left and told them to have Don call me back once he was back in the office. that week i scheduled an appointment with a local body shop to check for frame damage. once the inspection was done i got the paperwork stating there is front end frame damage on the truck. one of the frame rails is pushed back 10mm so nothing on the truck is alligned and straigt. having waited a week for Don to call me back i decided to call him myself. i called and he wasnt in the office that day so i left a message with my name and number. the next day still no call back, so i called again left another message. for 1 week i called and left messages for Don, i left my name and a phone number i could be contacted at. here we are 3 weeks later and i still have yet to hear from anyone at north west motor sports. now i think there is nothing i can do except take a loss on a 20,000 dollar truck that isnt worth a dam thing. north west motor sports screwed me! i wish i would have done some research on them before i bought a truck from that dealership. they have alot of nice trucks on their lot but looks can be decieving. i will never recomend anyone to even go down there to look at one of their vehicles. North west motor sports are lying stealing back stabbing crooks who shouldnt even be in business because of the way they do business!i will never deal with that dealership again and i hope anyone that reads this will take my advice and dont waste your time or money going to north west motor sports. look up their bad reviews online, seems like they have more bad reviews then good ones.

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