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Published: 13 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I first heard of this company about 5 years ago as i got a bill from them stating i owe them money for something i bought from them. I contacted the company and talked to them and told them it must be a mistake because i have never heard of them. Instantly the man on the phone started to be rude and call me a liar. I was taken back by this from this guy becasue i didnt think me saying i think there is a mistake warrented this action from this guy. I told him that i wasnt going to talk to him if he was going to be disrespectful. He told me that he hears this all day that people call and lie to him about its not me its not me and I quote “” this is B******t, your a bum and you need to pay your bills!”” I have never had anyone talk to me like this before in my life. I told him good day and hung up the phone. I called back and asked to speak to someone else and he refused to let me speak to anyone else but him. I then asked for some sort of proof that I was the one that got what ever they sell and he said he would send me a copy of the paper. I recieved a copy of a lease or something that is in my name and signed in my name and somewhat how i sign but not signed by me. I called them back and explained to them that i got the papers and looked them over and said yes that is my info but i never signed that at all. Again he was extreamely upset and started yelling again. I told them point blank i wasnt being scammed by them or anyone and wasnt paying for something i did not do. He offered my a settlement to pay half today and he would drop it. I told him i wasnt paying anything i didnt do this. He told me he had my info and a signiture on the contract and that is all he needed it didnt matter if it was mine or not that he would sue me and turn this 1300 into 5000 with fees and what not. I told him to go ahead and i hung up the phone. I recieved letter after letter from them and call after call. I had to change my number 3 times from all of this. after about a year it stoped. Everything was good up until today and i recieved a letter from some lawyer that said he waneted to represent me in a lawsuit that was filed against me in NY. I siad NY i have never been there in my life then he said the name of the company. So it all comes back to me now who they are. I was kinda reluctant to talk to anyone becuse i didnt even know about a lawsuit against me at all. The lawyer again told me i could try to settle with them for less or i could hire him to fight it for me. I explained to him that i did not sign or ever use them and i wasnt going to pay anything at all to them. Then he statred telling me that they would sue and win becaue i didnt say nothing about it and the date is passed for me to respond to it. I have never recieved papers from a court and how is it over if i havent recieved papers? so i spoke to the lawer and he waneted me to pay him $750 plus $500 for a hand writing expert to show i didnt do it then they would drop it. I think wow that is just about what i would have to pay to them and what is the point i pay 1300 to this crooked company or i pay 1250 to this lawyer that called me out the blue. either way im out money for something that isnt my fault. Long story short im either going to have to pay this company 1300 plus a 3000 fee or pay for a lawyer to fight this in court. After doing a search on this company i have found a class action lawsuit as well as this site with over 250 complaint not to mention about the BBB. This is funny if a regular person did this it would be called robbery and this company who is obviously not on the up and up with this many people mad can just file a lawsuit 855 miles from my home and then win because i didnt know about it or able to even be there. And now they say i owe then 1300 then 3000 more and a judge signs off on it? Great company for sure im glad I spent years in the army fighting for people like them. So please people please take this and others seriously STAY AWAY far away or you will regreat it. how they got my info i dont know but they did and now i have a account with them i never signed for and they said i did and reguardless i have to get a lawyer and pay … so i guess they win. Sad really sad.

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