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Spamming marketing and mischievous behaviour!

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Published: 02 June 2019

Posted by: Kerry

Before I continue on with my review I would like to state that I do not like to be the negative guy or rant about small things, but I have to share my experience at Northern Virginia Orthodontics so that other people know exactly what they are getting themselves into. So now that I have cleared that out of the way let us get started. I booked an appointment at Northern Virginia Orthodontics for my 8-year-old son’s dental checkup. The appointment was supposed to be on for 6:00 PM, however, when I reached the clinic they told me that I would have to wait for another 30 minutes because the doctor is “kind of busy”. It wasn’t a big problem and I decided to wait at the reception. At 7:00, the doctor called us in and after doing nothing but an X-ray, he started telling me about the clinic\’s special multi-year plan that would be “very beneficial” for my son’s dental health. He also told me about his multi-phase treatment which would ensure that my son does not face any dental issues in the future. He tried his best to sell me these special services and when he noticed that I wasn’t going to buy his stuff, his attitude changed and he said that the examination is done. HE ONLY DID THE X-RAY! There was no actual examination done and he was just trying to get rid of us at that time. It was extremely rude of him to do, but the worst thing was yet to happen. I found out that my insurance card has run out and I had to pay for the exam in cash. I paid the full amount in cash and left the place. When I reached home, I checked the balance in my health insurance card and I still had a couple of hundreds left there. This was very confusing at first but then I realized that the staff was getting back at me for not buying their useless service package. I received 8 calls from them in under the next three days after which I have had enough. I called the office and told them to never call me again.

I don’t understand what is wrong with the staff of Northern Virginia Orthodontics. I have never experienced such spammy behaviour from a medical clinic in my whole life. This kind of sales tactics is very cheap and shouldn’t be used by medical professionals. I did not expect the doctor to be a part of the sales team as well. If you would ask me, then I would suggest that you go find a different clinic and avoid Northern Virginia Orthodontics at all costs. They don’t treat their patients very well and if you deny buying their overpriced memberships, you are going to see how their colours change. Their mediocre services are outshined by their rude and spammy protocol. Thank you!

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