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Published: 17 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We are renovating a house in Moses Lake, WA and while doing so (and attempting to save money since it’s not a primary residence), we need to be connected with at least modest communication services. Eventually the house will have satalite communications. For not the cheapest fees, we have basic TV and interenet. The problem is that the internet goes out on a daily basis. It is ridiculously slow, and when at first I called (thinking it was a rare occurance) they would ask to come check our house and claim it was our house. After several calls like this; I demanded that they check the rest of the service and stay away from my house. Thye had the general manager attempting to allow them to the house. Finally they acquieced and checked the rest of the lines (and surprise) found problems which they supposedly fixed. However, within a week it was down again. I gave up callling in on it, and deal with the fact that the service goes down daily, if I attempted to collect refunds on all the down time I would not be able to go through my normal busy day. So they collect money on services not provided. EVERY week. Furthermore, the basic TV is HORRIBLE. In the evening, they change THIS, ME TV and ABC all to the same channel, so you cannot watch regular programming. If there is ANY quality Public TV show on in the evening or night, you can be sure that they change the programming as well to one of the others. So most evenings, you end up with NOT the programming promised, but with 16 channels in stead of 20. Again, if I spent every day hunting them down, in order to get refunded for programming not delivered; I would get NO other work done on a daily basis. Overall Absolutely the WORST CABLE COMMUNICATION services EVER.

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