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Published: 21 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was a resident of Northpark Estates for 2.5 years. In preparation of my lease renewal I notified the property managers of my interest in moving into a bigger apartment within the community. At first the property managers were really adamant about my upgrade. I had well over a month to go before I had to make a decision, well a week later in the process of making my decision things took a turn for the worse. After correspondence and stating that I still needed time to make my decision, out of spite they notified me that they had already leased my apartment out (mind you my lease was not even finished). In the process of moving out in the first week of Feb, I notified the property manager that I can only do my move out process during my lunch being that that was all the time I had available due to a busy work week. Prior to my moveout all of my monies were paid in full and my deposit was still left which was supposed to be given back to me after my walk out inspection. On my lunch break I turned in my keys to the property manager and was in tunred treated with absolutely no respect. This lady became super nasty and angry with me and threatned that if I not do my walk out inspection then “she could access the inspection as she saw fit”. Here it is June and I received a phone call from my mother who lives in another city stating she received a letter for me from a debt collection agency claiming $789 from Northpark Estates. After being notified about this I immediately called the property managers to discuss and every effort was ignored. I had to physically go to the office only to experience another headache and the most unprofessional customer service I have ever received from Ms. McCleod. She stated she sent this to me originally certified mail but it was returned. I am sorry to say but this was a false statement because I had all mail routed to my new address via the US Postal service and all other mail/bills got to me just fine. She also had my phone number and email, and in modern times I do beilieve these to be efficient methods of contact even if she couldn’t reach me, so once again this was a play into there scam. Ms McCleod would never provide me with the sheet of charges and even the mail which was allegedly sent to me and returned “multiple times”. I asked for the contact information for who she reports to preferably a district or regional manager. Ms McCleod lied to me stating that she had no regional or district manager and asked another employee who works under her for the “New York Sentinel number”, little did she know I had already found that number myself. The employee was super helpful and professional and provided me with the district manager’s number even after I was lied to and being that she was instructed to do otherwise. I called Sally Wilber who is the district manager of this property via Sentinel Real Estate. This attempt was also unsuccessful. Ms Wilber was super ugly to be and tried to explain bogus charges. She stated there was trash, and a urine stain in my carpet from an animal and they used a third party capret agency to access the damage. This is funny because when I originally did my move in walk through me and my dad noticed this and reported it to the original property managers who are not the same persons as Nancy Powers and Jacky McCleod the current property managers. They were super helpful scheduled to have the carpet cleaned, but you could still see remnants. I also notified them a year later when I renewed my lease by this time it became under the care of the new property managers listed above. It was agreed that after a one year renewal carpet cleaning or replacement is scheduled. They orginally agreed, but then turned around and made an excuse for not doing either. I have never owned any animals and they are just using me and this case to there advantage. This is unlawful business because this is theft. Its dishonesty and without any integrity. I contacted the city council/ the local news investigation team/ and filed a report with the FTC against Northpark Estates and the debt collection agency. I have done research to see what was going on with this place because I can honestly say I am being scammed. In research this is not the first complaint of this matter and the reviews on display similar incidences that have occurred at this property and with the managers of this property to show this is not a bias claim. They never mentioned giving me back my deposit and the $789 amount being claimed is completely erroneous. Please help with this matter because this truly is unlawful business practices and dishonorable customer service. .

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