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Published: 20 October 2018

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Eric dickinson owner of northstar equipment advetisied for 2 9000lb worth lifts on craigslist 3 days before the grapefest was about to happen and said the city was going to fine him unless he didnt move the lifts out of there.I called him on sunday and said I would come down there tomorrow morning and buy the other lift because 1 had already been sold. So I arrived monday morning and made arrangements with him to have it installed the following week on wednesday,more than I wanted to wait but I waited. Meanwhile I thought I was getting a 9000lb lift not a 7000lb lift wich is what I ended up with. There were no markings visible on the lift when I saw it only when I tipped the column up is where it says 7000lb limit. So tuesday afternoon comes and I make a call to them to see if there coming out tomorrow and jay his supposed scheduler “says they arent going to make it tomorrow and he really has no idea when they may put it in” (word for word) so I ask him ,so I am just supposed to wait here until you decided you might want to install it ? So now I have figured out either they really dont want to sell me the lift because the grapefest is now gone and the city isnt riding them anymore or there is some other motive going on. So I call there bluff on it and tell them I want to go down and pick it up myself and I will install it , jay says ok but I really have no idea when I can get the lift back from the farm ( a place they supposedly to it to begin with after I paid for it) for you to get it. So I call him back late again in the day wednesday and he says they have it ready for pickup.I then rent a uhaul truck thursday and pickup the lift,they refund the install portion of what I paid meanwhile eric keeps saying I hate to turn away money, what a jerkoff.So I now get the lift back to my place and unload it off the uhaul truck and to my surprise it says 7000lb limit max.For what i paid for this lift and all the hassle I would have been better buying a new one and certainly not from northstar equipment.BUYER BEWARE THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMERS.

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