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Published: 12 October 2018

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My Name is Eric Jackson, and my personal experience with hospital negligence, took place at Northwest Medical Center of Margate, Florida on a night in June of 2014. It was a beautiful sunny day, that night I decided to take a short walk to our neighnorhoold park three blocks away, and just sit on a park bench surronding a lake. As I sat on the bench for about 20 minutes taking in the experience, I began having three sharp pains in my stomach, as if I was being stabbed. I immeidately out of worry and fear, got up off the bench and proceeded to run back to my house, because I felt as if I was about to throw up, and if I was going to throw up, I would rather throw up in my house, and not in public. Once inside my home, I ran to one of the bathrooms and dropped to the floor surrounding myself around the toilet, and proceeded to throw up with four intervals. Once I finished, I just knew something was wrong, say intuition, so I asked my roommate to drive me to the hosptial, which was only a five minute drive. Once at the hosptial emergency room, I went in with only two people before me. I was called to take my vitals, and to find out from me what was my reason for being there. After waiting only 20 minutes in the front, I was escorted back to draw my blood, and then to a room, where I would be for about three hours. Once in this room, I was told to remove my cloths, and lie down in the bed, and the doctor would be with me monentarily. About 15 minutes, a doctor and nurse came in to my room to first introduce themselves, and then ask me what was I there for. I explained to both that I had sharp pains in my stomach, and some coughing. The doctor stated he would do a series of test, and speak with me after all the test were completed, and or just about. The nurse, with a strong Jamican accent, came back wtih two gentleman, that looked like orderlies. One gentleman was on my right standing and doing somthing, another gentleman sat in a chair to my left as I was lieing in the bed and proceeded to take my left harm without my permission, and begain to take a very long needle to stick it into a artery in my arm, while the nurse is giving me my results of my test, not the doctor that I have lung cancer, and pneumonia. As all of this is going on at the same time. I asked the man to my left to release my arm, and informed him and the nurse what was this man doing, and should he not ask me for my permission before he proceeds with what he is about to do. The nurse explained to me, but it was foreign to me. it was way too much over kill of information all at once, and no time to process it all, except that now I have cancer, which a nurse is telling me and not the doctor, and without doing a biopsy, and now my vitals are showing that I have high blood pressure and they can’t seem to control it with the medicines that they currently have me on. The doctor has come in, to tell me what the nurse has already told me. I asked the doctor is it not your job to give me my results, and not the nurse. He said, yes ” We are going to do a biopsy of your lungs to be sure if you large mass in your lungs is cancer or not. The reason the nurse stated you had cancer, because in 97 percent of people who have a large mass in their lungs, like you do, it usually is cancerous” I explaine to him, that is was inappropriate for her to have told me, without the biopsy. He said nothing. I am now being admitted into the hospital for a biopsy of my lung, to control my blood pressure, which is not working with the medicines they currently have me on, and I am beyond angry with what has transpired as far. Once in the room with a roommate, I am trying to grasp what I just experienced in the emergency room, and I call a good friend to share with him the whole experience, and or nightmare. His suggestion, “Eric put this day behind you, tommorrow is another day” After hanging up with him, my nurse comes in and introduces herself to me, she explained that I would be having a biospy the following day, at 2:00 PM and I would not be able to eat anything until after my biopsy. The next day comes, but I slept very little the night before. it seemed that anytime I would start to sleep, people were coming in to take my vitals another nighmarish experience. On this day, of course I could not eat, so when it came time to go down to my biopsy, my stomach would be growling, So I would ask the people taking my biospy, if I would be able to eat once the biopsy was done. Both the doctor, and her assistant stated, “yes, you will be able to eat normally after your biopsy” One the biopsy was finished, I asked once again, if I would be able to eat, again the doctor and aid, said “yes” I am now in my room since my biopsy, and my stomach is making sounds of many growls, letting me know that I need to put some food in it. I am on time for dinner. I am placed in my bed, with my tray near by. I remove the lid, to chicken breast with a sauce, yellow rice, and green beans. I proceed to cut into the chicken breast, take a bite, and swallow, but the food is not going down. So I proceed to take a sip of apple juice, thinking that was the problem why the food was not going down. I proceed to try and swallow the slice of chicken breast, I just cut, but my throat is not allowing me to swallow, so I panick, as if I was about to suffocate in now the apple juice along now with the chicken breast. I proceed to spit out, what I could not eat, and or swallow, but I am determined to eat this food, because I am so so hungry. so I try again to eat, and swallow and nothing. I am make noises because the chicken breast in stuck in my throat and I am not chocking, almost to death. Thank god, my roommates daughter was there at the time of my situation heard my banging around, and came to assist me. She looked at what i was going through, and ran down the hall to get my nurse. My nurse came in knowing the problem, and here with a solution. She stated to me, ” Eric, here drink the ginger ale this should help.” I proceed to take a sip of the ginger ale, nothing. I began to hitting my self in the chest tryin to get this chicken breast down my throat out, not lodged in my throat. It worked, so with very much anger and frustration. I barked at my nurse, “Please get the floor nurse” The floor nurse comes in, the nurse has already informed him of the problem. The floor nurse ask me a couple questions, “Eric, he says, “you had a biopsy today, right?” yes I stated. He says, “Did they not tell you downstairs, that you are not supposed to eat regular food today, but that your on a liquid diet until tommorrow?’ I said, no they did not. He then tells my nurse to go get me hot tea. The nurse came back with the hot tea. I dranked a couple sips, my throat proceeded to open up, and I was able to eat, and swallow. The next day, I was bombarded by five doctors, like car salesmen. I was areadly irrate with all that had take place with this hosptial, and was not in any mood, for anything else. The doctors left quickly, then my nurse came in, to tell me the results of my biopsy. No cancer, which I was happy about, but she proceeded to tall me they could not control my blood pressure, and they wanted to do more of a series of things to find out why, well by now. I had to get far from this hospital as possible. I contacted the nurse, and told her I was checking myself out. I am hoping based on my experience that this hospitials negligence is noted to persons who may need further care with a hospital. I have contacted the hospital about this matter. In a nut shell, Mistakes happen, we are human beings. Your situation is not that important because you did not lose a limb, for us to consider any type of compensation, however, come back again.

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