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Published: 27 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

Recently, I called The Northwest Network with regards to an emergent interpersonal dispute, and sought relief. When I called, I spoke with a man named Peter. All this person gave me was his first name. I gave a bit about my situation, and stated that in the midst of the dispute, I ended up being locked out of my own residence. I though being locked out of my own residence would warrant a light-bulb going off in Peter’s head – ”What? What happened? Oh my goodness.” But, no.

Rather than showcase any real emotion towards this very dire situation (it is currently 26 degrees outside) Peter asked me personal questions: ”Is this someone you’re in a relationship with?” ”How long have you two been together?” and ”Tell me how you met over a year ago.” Never once did he say, ”I’m so sorry that happened to you, how can I help?”

omg what? Way to dig into someone’s personal life! Most people I know don’t even know those intimate details, let alone a complete stranger. Why is this any of your business and how will knowing my ’backstory’ help me in the here and now? It won’t! Plus, you are not a trained/licensed counselor who addresses interpersonal relationships.

Newsflash: I am locked out of my residence and need immediate help. I’m unclear what part of immediate is foreign to you, Peter? Like, I need help with bus fare, for example. And, for food and so on and so forth. Peter made no such offering to me!

When I inquired into Peter’s credentials, he told me he is an ”advocate” and that this role, is ”kind of between a case manager and a counselor.” haha. There’s a major, major difference between an ’advocate’ and a counselor. Counselors take 6 – 8 years of training at a level of higher education. That’s literally surrendering years of your life to achieve a level of mastery in a field of psychology.

This place is useless! I needed to talk to someone in crisis, and the guy was trying to counsel me and learn about me when I was so desperately suffering.

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