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completely ruined my eyebrows!

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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: Patrick F. Parks

Nova Aesthetics is run by a bunch of chimps. They have no sense of professionalism or expertise in any field. Some of the employees there don’t even have the required certifications to do the procedures they do. Follow my advice and avoid this clinic at all costs!

These people completely ruined my eyebrows. I had gone there for a session of Microblading with ombre shading. They are supposed to create natural looking strokes on the eyebrows. It is a better procedure than eyebrow tattoos according to me because it isn’t permanent.

But these people don’t know anything about finesse or dexterity. One mistake can ruin your entire looks. And guess what these morons did? THEY MESSED UP! She made one eyebrow thicker than the other one and in order to rectify the error, she just worsened the entire balance. I looked horrible. I was so frustrated at them for ruining my eyebrows that I started yelling at the manager. I wanted a refund. After all, they had taken $600 from me for this procedure. And their reply was, we don’t issue refunds. They told me that I should wait for a month or two and the effects will fade naturally. WTF?? These people think it’s okay to ruin a person’s looks.

They had taken the payment in advance and so I was helpless. I was so embarrassed to go out for these months. I had to stop hanging out with anyone else and my work colleagues got a great way to make fun of me. Eventually, I went to another place to get my eyebrows done and got rid of the heinous act. Clearly, Nova Aesthetics has unprofessional and careless staff. It would be better for your looks if you stay at home and don’t visit this place. Believe me, nothing is worse than a messed up microblading session.

Later, I found out that Nova Aesthetics doesn’t have qualified employees too. Most of the employees there are due to favoritism and carrying fake certifications. I found out this information through a colleague of mine who had worked with those guys before. I just wish I had known this information before. Those uneducated fools think it’s okay to lie about their expertise. They don’t hesitate in cheating people. I was fooled by their good-looking website. And I hadn’t gotten microblading done on my eyebrows before so I didn’t want to take any risks.

Those people never even issued me a partial refund. They messed it up and told me that I’ll just have to live with it. Those people don’t care about you or your looks. No, all they care about is their payment.

I’m lucky that it was only a microblading session. I can’t even imagine what they would have done if I had opted for botox or any other complicated treatment. My whole point of telling this story was, you should keep away from Nova Aesthetics. I just wish someone had told me all this earlier. I would have never visited their clinic.

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