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Published: 18 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I wonder whose guarding the Henhouse. Millions upon millions of dollars are payed to city officials and anything else that has to do with the government. Cut backs, shortages and lay off seem to be a national problem, The same people who balance the budgets must be related to the financial institutions like the hospitals.Classic example almost 100 million were spent upgrading our beloved hospital. So why for instance are there so many unused wings. But atleast the entrance has curb appeal. Like most of us from time to time we have to put on our brave face and hope that there will be a quick fix simple solution. Nothing in life is ever that easy. twenty plus years later. some things never change. From my vantage point Ide witnessed questionable actions that to this day leave a chill down my spine. Hygeine should be of upmost priorityy. Floors should be swept, mopped. every day. Iv needles,saline Pouches and antibiotic containers need to be proerly disposed off. three days Ive had to sit there unable to control my bodily functions. My bath robe my bed my right wiping arm all contaminated with my own feces. Its Bioligy 101 blood and feces do not play nicely. I had three IV needles in my arm that were left in my arm . I well enough to wander around. wouldnt mind a few less reminders of my stay. I treasure a shower, who wouldnt. So why was I given the “”bowl””. Thats not going to cut the mustard. attrocities that were burned into my memeory. Times when other patients were being handled with out gloves,masks, face sheilds, or those tacky looking yellow webby garbs. staff members were leaving lunch spillage ont ables that were specifically designed for paper work and patient updates. Speaking of which with a room tightly packed every one had enough time to email watch a movie- snacks were provided. If the doctor only knew. Suprisingly I was able to survive the ordeal. I was moved from one ICU to another wing of the ICU. Boring 24 hours, no TV telephone. .Other patients had the luxery of technology and long winded visits. My only savoir was grabbing some real coffee a magazine and a newspaper. I was kicking it old school.Try being in a room trying to catch a few winks.. and having to put up with table tappers all night.. I tolerated being poked prodded tests galore donated blood by the pint. So is it that my night bag with all my meds- ( no drug reactions precaution) I went to pull on the handle looked down to make sure I havent lost any bottles, but instead one HCA ( health Cared Assitant) had rounded up al my used kleneexes and stashed them in my meds bag. I never did find my bracelet. Oh it gets better anothe HCA was going through my coat. Its a little disconcerning to hear the all to familiar zipper sound. before I left, I was given a questionair sheet regarding my stay. yes no answers. simple enough. had a email adress ans pin number. I searched every where. Gone. So not only are there lazy staff members but theives as well. I cant be the only person who suffered the indignantcy of NRGH proticals. Take the extra mile and check into Victoria even Duncan I cant imagine any hospital that would put a patience life in jepardy. .

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