NSW Goulburn Police At Bowral Police Station

NSW Goulburn Police At Bowral Police Station Review

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Published: 16 September 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I stopped at a RBT unit on Moss Vale road in Bowral NSW because I had nothing to hide. There were plenty of chances to turn into the streets before or into someone’s driveway if I had something to hide. That stretch of road the RBT was on, I could see them for 1 kilometre away, I could of detoured anywhere I liked. My body is a temple and I refuse to consume alcohol. My religious beliefs should not be made fun of. I asked SGT M.W.WOOD if he was a Corporation and if he was contracting with me when he pulled me over for RBT. SGT M.W.WOOD denied NSW Police was a corporation and that the Police do not deal with contracts , therefore committed perjury, I could not consent to any adhesion contracts made by SGT M.W.WOOD under perjury, it is a criminal act. I have not consented to any adhesion contracts made by NSW Police Service ABN 43 408 613 180 All Corporations require customers to consent to any contracts. It is the law. All Corporations require customers to have full disclosure of contracts they agree to, that is the law and the officers broke quite a few criminal acts tonight. Why was I denied those corporate rights as a customer under Australia’s Corporate Law (Canon Law, Admiralty Law, Commerce Law, Uniform Commercial Code, Vatican Law). The Australian Government aka Common Wealth of Australia are a Corporation CIK : 0000805157 trading on the US Securities Commission website in USA www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0000805157&owner=include&count=40&hidefilings=0 our tax dollars going to USA shareholders. I told all the officers that I do not drink. Even SenCon John MCVEY could not find me intoxicated with anything so he trumped up the Custody Management Record and wrote on it that I was affected by medications. Why did the Goulburn Police Officers at Bowral Station have no problem with me not consenting to their contracts, but at the mobile RBT unit, Goulburn Officers refused me to consent or to not consent to their adhesion contracts, and trumped up so many charges against me. Goulburn Police Officers at Bowral Station should of offered full disclosure to me regarding the verbal contracts they were offering to me instead of denying that they were not adhesion contracts, I would of consented if they weren’t so dishonest and used deception to coerce me to consent. They also assumed myself to be Muslim and started making fun of me. They even saw me touching the back of my neck where I was assaulted by SGT M.W.WOOD and SenCon John MCVEY said oh look we hurt him and they all laughed, their Racist intimidation was unbelievable. SenCon John MCVEY and SenCon Stuart HARRIS were with me at one stage asking me questions and trying to get me to use the Breath Analyser in Bowral Office. I told them I would consent if you gave me full disclosure as to the adhesion contract you are offering me, he replied it was not a contract, which he just admitted to perjury. I was hit at the back of my neck hit by SGT M.W.WOOD when I initially came into the station , after I said what do I have to do, are you going to strip search me or something. SGT M.W.WOOD did not like the question and hit the back of my neck ( I blacked out for a second) with his palm and said shut up and put your hands on the desk. Then SenCon John MCVEY started saying to me that he hates Muslims, then he looked at SenCon Stuart HARRIS and said even Harris here can’t stand them , he hates them with a passion. Then they started mentioning the war in the middle east and I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was in and out of the holding cell many times. During the later hours of my arrest I could hear videos being played and laughter in the other room while I could also hear my name a few times. SenCon John MCVEY and SenCon Stuart HARRIS came back in the room with smiles telling me they found me on the internet and looked at some of my websites, saying that I needed mental help. Criminal ACT , and Federal Crimes ACT, Your Officers breached: Deception intimidation Assault Blackmail Threats Racism No full disclosure of contracts Made fun of my Religion Mocked me that I was Muslim, intimidated me and made fun of me illegal search of automobile Over extending their limitations Attempt to maliciously damage property. No warrant for the car search and no explanation for the search either. I had no knowledge of Perspex on my number plate was concealing anything. I had bought the automobile a few months ago. I assume the last owners added them to the automobile. I could not consent to the RBT because the police officers did not allow me to consent. I also was not given full disclosure to the officers adhesion contract. I even asked SGT Mathew WOODS if he was offering me a contract and he denied it was a contract, and denied he was a Corporation, therefore committed perjury, I could not consent to any adhesion contracts made by SGT M.W.WOOD under perjury. I do not carry any weapons in my car or on myself. I assume it was left there by the previous Automobile owners . I also did not consent to be dragged out of my automobile, while my dogs stayed in the car the whole 2 .5 hours before I pleaded to them again and again to call my sister to pick them, they had me locked up for 4 hours with no food or water. She also informed me that the Police never locked my car up even when I was arrested, I stressed to them to do so many times. So they left my car and dogs abandoned on the road. Possibly wanting something to happen to them, so they could have more laughs. I was also wacked very hard in the back of the neck by SGT M.W.WOOD in Bowral station for no reason at all. Please view and listen to Security Footage at Bowral Police Station before they erase any evidence . Because of this incidence I am traumatized and in constant fear for my safety from SGT M.W.WOOD and do not wish to be near him again. I was physically harmed as well as emotionally and mentally. Application for an AVO will be issued shortly. .

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