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Published: 20 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I have had this wireless service for 36 days. I have been billed $289.60 and have an impending late charge for a bill not even due until 7/7/14 because of a due date change. I ordered the phone the first week of May and it was shipped out 5/5/14. Don’t remember how many days it took to receive it. Then I get my first bill for $98.20 – high but they said the first one is usually high but the problem was the due date. Upon ordering I was adament that the bill not be due until the 3rd of each month due to income received on that date. The bill was due 6/2/14, so I called and complained. The rep said she would do paperwork to change the due date to the 3rd and after an hour on the phone tells me there is a 5 day grace period. Duh – what a waste of time. I get my sevcond bill and this one is due on 7/1 – go figure…not even close to the 3rd. But I thought I do have a grace period. Today while checking my emails I see yet another bill from nTelos, so I look and now, this new bill for $64.23 is due on the 7th of the month and actually tells me that my original bill due on 7/1 is past due and needs to be paid immediately!!! What !!!! So again I call only to be told that an additional $14.93 is charged to me because of the due date change and, that if I don’t pay the so-called past due amount of $49.30 before the real due date of 7/1 I will be charged a late fee on top of everything else. What kind of accounting are these people doing? And these young people – have they no common sense at all? And why does a bill become due three weeks after you order it? What happened to 30 billing cycles????? This company sucks. I will never, ever refer anyone to this incompetent wireless phone company. I have never seen such stupidity or thievery in my life. And, of course, they make you sign a two year contract!!! OMG – I will be insane from phone calls to them with problems before I can even get rid of this shameless company. Please tell everyone – do not do business with nTelos – it is a scam and ripoff of the worst kind.

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