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The people at Nu Skin will do anything to get you to buy their products – they will scam you

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Published: 29 August 2017

Posted by: Luanne J. Hall

Nu Skin is one of those multilevel marketing companies that everyone seems to be into these days. But unfortunately, I had a horrible experience with these bastards. They are the worst sort of company, and customer satisfaction is honestly the last thing on their minds. If you interact with them even a couple of times, it will be blatantly obvious. I’m not the only one who’s been scammed by them either. The company has their settings to auto renewal as default. I mean, who the hell does that! So that means people get scammed into signing up for a lot longer than they really want, and they can only watch angrily as their credit card keeps getting charged. And then go through the hassle of changing credit cards or whatever.
In 2014, I bought one of the Nu Skin packages after a friend of a friend told me she was an agent and she needed to sell to someone that week. I thought I would give it a try, and I ordered one of their shakes. I paid $460 that time. Yeah, I know, it’s a lot. That’s typical Nu Skin for you. They overcharge for products that aren’t even that great to begin with. But that wasn’t just it. The lady I spoke to on the phone told me the $460 I paid would cover me for three months. She said the bottle would last me three months. I can’t believe she just lied to me like that!
Anyway, the product arrived and I saw right away that there was a problem. I logged onto their site to get the customer service department’s number. I call them up and tell them there’s been a mistake, and that I ordered a 3 month product and got one that looked like it would barely last the month. The guy on the phone said I would have to take it up with the agent who actually sold me the product. That’s how uncaring and completely irresponsible these shitheads are over at Nu Skin.
So I took the trouble of calling her up and explaining the problem to her too. She denies ever telling me it would last for 3 months! Just like that! She told me such crap, about how they couldn’t help me if I made the wrong choice and things like that. When I threatened to take it up with higher officials in the company, she calmed right down and told me to bring down the products to her office and she would see what she could do. I did. She kept the product and told me I would get $400 refunded from Nu Skin by about 21 working days. That was in March. It’s June now. No money yet.
Don’t buy anything from Nu Skin. Their customer service and products are not worth your time and effort, trust me.

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