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NutriMost - Misleading claims left, right and centre

Have you ever wondered why people mostly fall prey to fraudulent and misleading claims made by health and wellness companies? This is mostly because they wish to lose weight desperately without considering the consequences. This is the sort of desperation and gullible nature that such fraudulent companies feast on, like NutriMost. NutriMost claims to be a one-stop weight loss and wellness solution, claiming to create food plans that are personalized and come with healthy and fresh foods along with flexibility thrown into the package. Additionally, NutriMost helps you with tools as it claims to make better choices for life. NutriMost has several weight loss programs on offer which as the company claims, help people understand physiological responses of the body towards weight loss and even weight gain along with enabling people to achieve their goals. 

NutriMost claims to take an intellectual and purposeful approach to wellness and weight as listed on the site with personalized blueprints for customers, supplements, food plans and overall support. NutriMost also enables customers reportedly with several aspects like a community of clients on social media sites which is reportedly more than 7,000 and also face to face meetings on a weekly basis with wellness coaches and NutriMost healthcare professionals. Customers also get NIVA Text updates on daily progress on a 24-7 basis. NIVA is the virtual assistant which interprets daily customer weight levels while answering queries and guiding people throughout the entire program. 

The company was founded by Dr. Ray Wisniewski and he is reportedly driven by the passion to help everyone live a healthy life and lose weight. He is also credited online as the pioneer of these customized health plans and for transforming lives. However, the sad part is that these claims couldn’t be farther from the truth. Like several other fraudulent and scam-esque weight loss and wellness programs before it, NutriMost also bites the dust as you will soon find out. 


Why you should beware of NutriMost

You should immediately stop putting your faith on NutriMost if that’s what you have been doing till now. Losing weight is reportedly claimed to be very simple by the company and its NRF tech reportedly keeps your body burning fat 24 hours a day and this supposedly helps you lose anywhere between 20-40 pounds in only 40 days minus any exercise or diet. This is the basic anomaly of the claim and it is absolutely FALSE. Losing weight is not possible like this and when will people learn that there are no shortcuts. It is the propensity to look for shortcuts that lands most people into a deeper mess courtesy these misleading claims and fraudulent companies. 

TINA conducted its own investigation after hearing the rapid weight loss program’s advertisement on radio and people were being redirected to the website named where there were several anomalies worth watching out for and potentially dangerous as well! Firstly, there is a huge doubt over the technology and scientific validity of the NRF (NutriMost Resonant Frequency) feature where simply scanning one’s fingerprints can help in knowing about the fat-burning areas of one’s body and this data will then be tapped by NutriMost for coming up with food and diet plans and supplements. The prices start from roughly $27 and go a long way uphill. 

The company does not provide any proof of validation through clinical trials which will support its claims of people losing weight with this system. Scientifically Different plans of the company are the real dangers in this case. The rating given to NutriMost on most review sites is abysmal to say the least. In fact, as per reports, BBB issued a warning to the company in the year 2013, stating that it was making use of health claims that were not proven and also violated the Advertising Code. The founder was asked to offer sufficient evidence of all the claims he was making but he never bothered to reply correctly. These dangerously misleading claims still keep making appearances online every now and then. 

NutriMost has said that doctors supervise its programs but pray which doctors? What do we really know of them and what are their credentials? These are all grey areas. In fact, many doctors are not even dieticians or into sports medicines and some are even chiropractors! NutriMost has claimed to offer cures for diabetes, liver trouble, cholesterol issues, blood pressure and even sleep apnea without offering any evidence or proof or even FDA approval. This makes them a totally illegal entity whose products you should not be using by all means. 

Here is a link where you will get some more information on related matters-

This simply proves that NutriMost is a gimmick which has been carefully moulded to convince people into accepting false and highly suspect claims. The weight loss programs makes false claims and nobody has actually lost weight safely under its stewardship and instead people have paid up tons of money towards the wrong end. The FTC has already settled with NutriMost LLC which promotes its NutriMost system plan for weight loss. The company has its own weight loss centres for distribution along with franchises and licensing models for practitioners and chiropractors who sell from their own points of practice. NutriMost has claimed that users will lose 20-40 pounds or even higher in a period of 40 days along with claiming that users will lose weight in a better way since the personalized plans will be even more unique than ever. 

The FTC has already made its settlement that NutriMost has to mandatorily stop from making any claims which are not supported by medical proof and are misleading since these are not backed by any validation. The claims have been unproven till now about the company’s products helping people with weight loss, treatment of diabetes and other ailments including psoriasis and some mentioned above. Customers who paid a whopping $1,895 for getting access to this system had to also sign agreements stating that they could not make any negative reviews or comments. Most consumer testimonials were used by the company in advertisements and the FTC has stated that most of these were not true since they did not reveal that some people in these testimonials actually followed their system. They also did not reveal the sources of all the other reviews which was actually their own relatives, franchisees and employees. Talk about a carefully crafted con game of sorts! 

The FTC also took action with regard to refunds which is the information you will find here-

In February 2019, it was reported that the FTC was emailing a total of 3,483 checks with totals exceeding $1.95 million to customers who purchased the NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System between the period of 1st October in the year 2012 and 9th August in the year 2016 in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania zone. Every consumer will be getting refunded for an amount of $560.54 as per reports. The FTC has clearly stated that misleading and false claims were made by the NutriMost system promoters regarding the new technology which would enable huge weight loss, i.e. 20-40 pounds in a duration of only 40 days in a safe manner and also without following any particular strict diet. There were false endorsements and the company also stopped people from posting any negative reviews. 

There were several reports released on this weight loss scam subsequently. The FTC also provided an online claim form for refunds in this regard. Buyers of the weight loss system were eligible for the locations like Greentree/Crafton, Greensburg, Churchill/Penn Hills, Murrysville/Delmont, Irwin, Ross Park Mall, North Versailles and Upper St. Clair among others. The claim forms were processed swiftly and customers were able to file claims for a longer duration. 

You can find more information on the complaint and how NutriMost is scamming customers here-

As per the complaint made by the FTC, late in 2012 onwards, NutriMost Doctors, LLC, NutriMost LLC and the owner Raymond Wisniewski were marketing the NutriMost weight loss system deceptively to customers. The system claimed to use brand new tech that would spur weight loss of 20-40 pounds or even higher in a period of 40 days and while pursuing its case against the company, the FTC also stated that endorsements were made deceptively for marketing the program and other products. The fraudulent company was getting people to sign away their right to negatively comment in case of any breaches which meant a breach of personal freedom as well. This was why negative reviews were so few and far in between about the NutriMost weight loss system at one point of time. The court settled the charges issued by the FTC and strongly prohibited the company from making any further health or weight loss claims in the future. The claims are misleading as stipulated and future claims should be backed up by medical and scientific evidence. The company has been barred from misrepresentation of the fact that people do not have to follow strict diets and also from releasing endorsements which are false and misleading. They are barred from having any non-disparagement clauses in customer agreements and a fine was imposed of $32 million which was suspended upon a payment of $2 million which is being used by the FTC for enabling refunds for customers. 

The entire sales procedure is kick-started deceptively with radio and paper ads or lectures which invite people to come and see the technology free of cost and get a check-up done also. Many ads talk about the ZYTO scan tech and the device is not mentioned however and the first consultation had people weighed on a scale for ascertaining the body fact percentage and also the metabolic age. This number was much higher than the actual age of the person being weighed. People were being spooked out by telling them that their metabolism was that of a 90/95 year old person. The ZYTO scan only happened after the entire program was bought. During the entire sales procedure, many people did not get told about the low calorie count of their diet plans. 

There were discounts for those paying the entire amount in advance and a contract was signed stating that there would be no refunds at all. Some contracts even have provisions for protecting the clinics from any negative reviews or frauds. Basically, these agreements stated that information is not backed up by any medical evidence and will not treat medical conditions (imagine the gall!) and also the fact that NutriMost does not offer medical advice, treatment or diagnosis and also the fact that there will be no liability for damages of the customer. Customers will also not post any negative statements or reviews, violating which will make them fork out a whopping $35,990 in liquidated damage costs. Just imagine how cunning they were in getting people to sign on these agreements before torturing them and ripping them off. 

The program has never performed what it claimed to do in spite of several attempts. The regulations were never obeyed by the company and after not losing weight, the company never gave any refund or subsequent support to customers. One such person writes how he fell considerably sick ever since commencing the program and how the practitioners were clueless about the same. They kept changing the supplements offered but the health condition got only worse with time. The person never got to meet any actual doctor and there was no medical supervision of the changes in supplements. The life coaches did not have any knowledge of proper nutrition and did not stay in touch till the weekly meetings came about. The regular intake of calories is so low that it could be dangerous and will screw anyone’s health like it did to this person. The program is also not customized and the person is now regretting it since he has tiredness, sloth, dizziness and hair loss to contend with along with severe abdominal pain. To his utter surprise, the company experts kept telling him to bear the pain, stating that it was a short-term effect and would go away in the long run. 

This is the kind of poor service, fraudulent products and misleading claims that NutriMost is associated with. Refrain from doing any business with them, let alone opting for the weight loss system and other plans and products. Beware of this company everyone!


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