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Published: 27 October 2018

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Perry is best summarized as an unprofessional bully! He doesn’t care about the quality of his work & leaves you to clean up his mess; at your expense! On 01/23/14 Perry Chupp with NWA Metal Buildings was contracted to build a metal building; contract was signed & deposit made ($16,638). On 03/20/14 Perry was in our office demanding the second payment on the project; another $16,638, yet no work had been done. He made it clear, his contract stated the deposit was non-fundable & he wouldn’t move forward with the project without the second payment! The concrete slab should’ve been poured & the building kit delivered to our site by this point, as promised. We pushed back on his demand until the promised work was done. He then became extremely angry & loud, so we ended the conversation by saying it wasn’t going anywhere, he wasn’t giving us any choice, but to hand over another check or lose our deposit. The check was written & he left. On 03/22/14 the concrete slab was poured. The concrete crew suggested to Perry that he wait until the weather improved before pouring (it was cold and raining); he said, “No, pour it!” Additive wasn’t added to the concrete & the temps dropped to freezing that night. The crew & my husband stayed overnight, waiting for the concrete to cure; however, an area of roughly 1000 sq ft didn’t cure properly. When the issue was brought to Perry’s attention he again became angry & stated the slab was “exceptional, especially for a warehouse”?! Although you could clearly see the damage, we decided to wait until the project was completed before pressing the issue ~ We knew it was going to be a fight; he will argue all of his work is “exceptional” & will not accept responsibility for anything less. On 03/26/14 the building was erected & everyday after that we had water pouring into our building when it rained! The roof was poorly constructed; the pitch was off allowing the water to drain outside the valley pan & leak into the building! More problems! On 04/09/14 we received our final invoice. Not only were we charged the full balance; we were charged for work we didn’t approve! Communicating with Perry in-person & via phone was a complete waste of time; he would talk over us, yell, scream and/or hang up on us. He kept stating the slab was “exceptional”, his work was done & final payment was due immediately. He was so angry at one point, he threatened physical harm to my husband the next time he saw him!

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