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My dad was starving there and I had to rush him out!

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Published: 17 June 2019

Posted by: Allan

These guys are terrible. They never picked up my calls and I wasn’t able to talk to my dad because of that. Don’t visit this place. Do yourself a favor and find someplace else where the staff is caring and the administration wants to take care of the patients. Here, you’ll only meet a group of ruthless and selfish people. This place never seems to have enough staff or supplies. They can even let the patient if that was possible. My experience with Oaks River Rehab has just been horrible. I wouldn’t suggest anyone visit this place. You’d be better off going somewhere else. There are many other rehabs in the area. It wouldn’t be good for you or the patient to come here. These people don’t communicate properly and don’t tell you anything about what’s going on. The patients don’t get to talk often resulting in a lot of communication gaps. If you want to find out anything about your patient, then you’ll have to visit the place. Otherwise, you can stay on hold and wait for someone to pick up the call. They just never answer. When I complained about it, they told me that they were short on staff during that season but they’ll resolve the matter quickly. They never resolved the matter. So, whenever I wanted to find out about the health of my dad, I had to visit the place in person. And don’t even get me started on how they treated him. I had to take him to the hospital because he was starving. They weren’t feeding him properly. The doctors were surprised to see him in that condition. At first, they thought I was some crazy lady who was trying to kill her father for some reason. He was in serious condition. And his only fault was that he was staying there.

I was infuriated at those people. They were supposed to keep him well. He was there for recovery but these people don’t care about that. I wonder how this place is even operational. It should be shut down. They don’t have enough people and supplies to look after the number of patients they get. My dad complained about the place whenever I went there but he has some mental health issues so I didn’t take his complaints seriously. When I contacted those guys about why my dad wasn’t getting enough food, they told me that he wasn’t eating and it was his fault. I told them that they should’ve at least told me about all this. They just said it didn’t come to their minds. They are careless, negligent and useless. This place isn’t worth your money or effort. I put my dad’s health at risk by placing him here. I should’ve done some more research and found him a better place. I had chosen this place because it was the nearest one to my home. Don’t make the mistake I made and find a reliable rehab facility for your loved one.

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