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Published: 24 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

For a long time Rosemarie DeMalleo Mauck, LCAM has been involved in organized harassment and ripping off the residents of Oakland Shores Condo Association. It is well known that Rosemarie D. Mauck does not keep office hours as they are posted and as Rosemarie Mauck is suppose to adhere to as part of her job. Any resident will be able to tell you that she is constantly late for work and constantly leaving early. Frankly, she is ripping off all of the residents of the Oakland Shores Condominium Association. More to the point, in missed hours, she is stealing from the home owners of the Oakland Shores Condo Association. If the hours she is paid to work were to be cut back to the actual hours that she works then she wouldn’t be, through a process called wage theft, be ripping off and staelling from the residents of Oakland Shores in Oakland Park FL. The truth is, a small number of people own a majority voting block in the Oakland Shores Condominium Association. The level of corruption is very high. Rosemarie DeMalleo Mauck is very involved in the corruption at Oakland Shores in Oakland Park Florida. Clearly she thinks she exists outside of the law. A number of residents have overheard her plan and organize different forms of harassment against the residents that she doesn’t like. If you complain, you get put on her list that she will attempt to rip you off and harrass you to no end. .

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