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Do yourself a favour and never ever think of even going here

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Published: 08 May 2019

Posted by: Patrick

Do yourself a favour and never go to Oasis Dentistry, your teeth and wallet will thank you. Take it from a gal who had her worst dental experience at this clinic. I booked an appointment with one of the well-known doctors of Oasis Dentistry, for getting a simple root canal. I also had to get a tooth extracted surgically. I went to the clinic, they did the procedures, everything seemed fine until the next morning. I was going to work through subway when suddenly I started feeling a ton of pain on the right side of my neck, the pain was extremely harsh and I could not bear it. I called 911 after I reached the nearest station and went to the hospital in an ambulance. I was taken to the emergency room where the doctors diagnosed me and told me that I have pinched a nerve and was having a muscle spasm. They prescribed me simple pain medication, a steroid and a muscle relaxer, after which they sent me back home. Without a surprise, I had to go back to the emergency room around a week later because of severe pain on the right-hand side of the neck, the pain was not decreasing even after I took the medicine and tried to massage my neck, it was so persistent that I could not sleep due to its severity. This time the doctors diagnosed me with the same problem which was a pinched nerve and muscle spasm, however, they also gave me morphine for decreasing the pain. But the problem was still not solved! 10 days later I was sent back to the emergency room AGAIN and I was diagnosed with the exact same symptoms as the last time. This time the docs gave me 2 shots for reducing the pain. After I left the emergency room, I directly went to my physician who told me that I was facing this issue because my neck was in an extremely vulnerable position while the dentist was doing the surgical extraction. He referred me to a specialist and I have been going to the specialist’s clinic for a couple of weeks now. This has been the worst period of my life and I could never forgive Oasis Dentistry for almost ruining my whole career and giving me THREE near-death experiences within ONE MONTH. I tried to call the office of Oasis Dentistry but no one picked up, so I called Kat who was the office manager, however, she was avoiding my calls as well. I left her 3-5 messages but got no response from her whatsoever. I am going to file a complaint against these hell hounds to the Board Of Dental Examiners. Keeping yourself away from Oasis Dentistry is the only way to save yourself from their ignorant dentistry. They ruined my life, I thought of committing suicide because of the sheer amount of pain I was in. Please stay away from Oasis Dentistry if you care about yourself and your loved ones.

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