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Dr Day and his employees are totally incompetent!

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Published: 05 May 2019

Posted by: Ruth

Dr Day of Oasis Orthodontics extracted 4 of my healthy and perfect bicuspids for alleviating crowning! As soon as he did the procedure, I could see the difference in my face, it started looking extremely shallow and thin. I was looking weaker than a stick! My face was so thin that I could hide it behind a fucking pole! My cheekbones started looking weak while my lips looked thinner than ever before, not only that, even my skin started to sag. And all of this crap happened while I was merely 28 years old!!! All of my relatives, family members and friends noticed this difference on my face. One of my relatives commented on my face stating,” Looks like Hanan has started her fitness journey once again, but honey, you need to GAIN weight not lose it, otherwise, you might evaporate”. Everyone started making fun of me. It was one of my most horrible periods of life. I can easily state that going to Oasis Orthodontics was the biggest mistake I could have done in my entire life. I didn’t do much research before going to Dr Day and Oasis Orthodontics did a lot of mouth to mouth marketing. People were always talking good things about this place and instead of verifying this information on the internet, I decided to just get an appointment. Dr Day suggested the tooth extraction he really motivated me to get it done as soon as possible. He did not tell me any side effects or any bad effects of getting my bicuspids extracted at all. He only wanted to get it over with so he can get money from my insurance company. I did some research on extraction for ortho purposes and found out that it is one of the old fashioned methods that were used in the 1980s and they are considered obsolete now. Less than 3% of orthos use extraction because it does not have much benefit. There are many alternatives for the bicuspid extraction however, the lazy ass crazy Dr Day did not bother to give me any. He probably wanted to get the process done as fast as possible. I am extremely disappointed in Oasis Orthodontics and I would not recommend anyone to check them out. I have spent hundreds of hours reading about the alternatives of the extraction I got, and trust me THERE ARE A LOT. I have asked many doctors if I could reverse the extraction using any method and all of them just said no. So now I’m stuck with a hallow looking face FOREVER. I hope that more people see the true face of Oasis Orthodontics and Dr Day so that fewer people get trapped in their money extraction scheme. I would suggest that you go to any other ortho clinic other than Oasis Orthodontics, Dr Day and his employees are totally incompetent and charge a lot of money for doing a horrible job. I hope that you don’t have to go through such a depressing incident in your life.

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