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Most of the patients have reported an unhealthy environment in the clinic.

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Published: 07 August 2019

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Have you ever thought about the compliments you will receive if you have a beautiful smile? Everybody thinks about this stuff. But what if your pretty smile is attacked by a cavity? What will you do now? First of all, you will panic and feel embarrassed about it. After calming yourself down, you will decide to visit a dentist to get rid of the cavity. If the dentist ruins it even more, what will you do? Probably you would want to kill the dentist or sue the clinic. I know the frustration. The dentists at Ocean Breeze Dental scammed me and behaved unprofessionally. I don’t think anyone should trust these people with their treatment. These guys will ruin your treatment just like they did mine. These scammers should be punished instead of allowed to run a clinic of this kind.
Ocean Breeze Dental was established in the year 2000 and is located in Rockledge, Florida. Their blog says that they know the value of a smile and how it can affect your personality. They are motivated to using the latest research and technology to help their patients at the best possible level. According to them, their doctors are highly affordable and they discourage racism. But the reviews from patients say a different story.
The doctors at Ocean Breeze Dental are highly unprofessional. It seems like they have not practiced dentistry at all. I had gone for getting my teeth cleaned up but the doctor who attended me gave me severe pain in the gums and the actual procedure was not at all done perfectly. I still need to get my teeth done from some other practitioner who is skilled and experienced.
I’m not the only victim of this scam. Another patient has given this clinic 2-star rating out of 5 which is the worse one could get. She complained that the staff members are highly unskilled and they take a job as a burden. She asked for an appointment but they delayed it for almost two months. It was her good luck that her gums did not give up on her with the severe cavity her molars had. The receptionist would either not pick up her calls or leave her at hold for hours and still did not give her the appointment.
The clinic is not clean and personal hygiene is also unknown to the doctors and other staff members. The doctors are unable to build a connection with their patients which makes the situation difficult for both parties. To treat your patients at a better level, it is important for the doctor to build a relationship with the patient, know his history, and then treat him.
These are just a few issues discussed here but the patients have posted a lot of negative reviews about Ocean Breeze Dental on different websites. Oral hygiene is really important and to maintain it, you need to have a checkup regularly. Be sure about the clinic you choose.

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